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Derzkii Project 20386 Corvette - Program

In July 2013 on the drafting of 20386 reported by the chief engineer of CMDB Almaz Konstantin Golubev, clarifying that the design of the ship was a benchmark for Russian weapons. President of JSC USC Alexei Rakhmanov reported July 18 2014 on the construction of corvettes for advanced project 20386. Bookmark of the new generation corvette of project 20386, which implement modularity of weapons and the possibility of basing drones, had been scheduled for 2015. CEO CMDB Diamond Alexander Shlyakhtenko said that laying down the new Corvette was scheduled in 2017, and handing the lead ship was scheduled for 2019.

The newest multi-purpose warship was laid on 28 October 2016 at the plant "Severnaya Verf" in St. Petersburg for the Russian Navy. The company reported that the Russian Navy will receive the ship in 2021. Official of the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Russian Defence Ministry for the Navy Igor Dygalo said. "Corvette Project 20386 will have the hull and superstructure, significantly reducing the radar signature ship will be equipped with modern anti-ship and anti-submarine armament and anti-aircraft missile complex crew held a full training cycle in the United training of the Navy center of Russia in St. Petersburg.." - Dygalo said.

According to him, the order of the Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Vladimir Korolev corvette was given the name of "Derzkii". Officially tranlated as "Defiant" [but also tranlatable to: saucy; pert; insolent; brash; impertinent; audacious; cheeky; impudent; daring; and cocky - all perfectly excellent nams for such ships]. "Corvettes of the new generation will carry out the tasks as part of naval battle groups, heterogeneous groups of naval forces in the near and far offshore areas. Russian propulsion systems will be installed on the ship, with a perfected radar system."

The Naval Fleet of Russia expects to receive more than ten corvettes new project 20386, Deputy Navy Commander Victor Bursuc told reporters 30 October 2016. "The series, of course, will continue to hope that there will be more than a dozen ships in it." - He said. "Plans for the construction of this series introduced in the shipbuilding program until 2050," - said the deputy commander.

The principle of modularity is based on the project developed by the Almaz Central Design Bureau. This suggests that the corvette will be able to carry temporarily installed weapons, which will expand the range of tasks to be performed by the ship. The displacement of teh corvette, according to the "Severnaya Verf", would reach 3,400 tons, length - 109 meters. The ship will be equipped with a combined gas turbine plant, he will receive two gas turbine engine M90FR (capacity of 27,500 horsepower each), and two electric motors (with a capacity of 2,200 horsepower). Cruising range of the corvette will be 5000 nautical miles, the crew consists of 80 people.

The construction of the prototype was inaugurated by the laying of the keel on October 28, 2016. In mid-February 2019, the St. Petersburg shipyard Severnaya Verf announced that the technical readiness of the Dierzkij multi-purpose corvette emerging there reached 12 percent. This is not much, especially as according to the announcements during the shipbuilding ceremony, this year it was to be launched, and two years later it was handed over to the Fleet of the Russian Federation.

As of early 2019, the Russians planned to launch Derzkii in May 2021, when he was to be handed over to their seamen. However, the project of this corvette still carried a high technical risk resulting from the accumulation of new solutions, so far unseen in Russian shipbuilding and cooperating industry. Even so - it would seem - simple matters, such as hoisting mechanisms for operating the cargo hold: overhead cranes or aerial hoist, require the use of new power hydraulics systems and electric drives of appropriate power, and at the same time small dimensions, control systems and construction materials. The challenge will also be to integrate new electronic systems and weapons into an efficiently operating organism.

The declared displacement of the 20386 - 3400 tons - had grown to completely frigate indicators. For comparison, we recall that the standard displacement of the frigates of the project 1135 currently under construction is 3620 tons. The price of the new product was also not small. The cost of the head corvette of the Derzky project 20386, pledged in 2016, according to the contract of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Severnaya Verf, amounted to about 29 billion rubles. Which did not prevent the representative of the shipbuilding management of the Russian Navy from announcing the construction of at least a dozen corvettes of project 20386.

And then at the beginning of 2018, information appears about a decrease in the number of project 20380 corvettes under construction in favor of the start of more active construction of project 20386 corvettes. After that, at the beginning of November, the press service of the Sredne-Nevsky Shipbuilding Plant, as it were, casually announced that the delivery of the superstructure for the head corvette Project 20386 Derzkii / Daring was delayed due to untimely funding. Those. the deadline for the delivery to the Fleet of our head super corvette is noticeably shifted to the right, and with it the deadline for the delivery of all subsequent ships of this project. The project, which is now positioned as the main and basic for the Fleet in the class of corvettes.

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