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Project 20382 Tiger Corvette


DESIGNATION ASW operations, escort missions, offshore patrols
Length overall 93.9 m
Length at WL 84.6 m
Beam at deck 13.0 m
Depth at the fore 9.4 m
Depth amidships 7.8 m
Depth at transom 7.8 m
Full displacement ab.1900 t
Maximum speed 26-27 kn
Range4000 nm at 14 kn cruise speed with full fuel stores
Endurance15 days with maximum fresh water and provision stores
Crew 90, including helo team
PROPULSION SYSTEM Twin shaft CODOG system, comprising:
  • 2 x 10,000 kW gas turbines
  • 2 x 3650 kW diesel engines
  • Basic power supply AC 380/220V, 50 Hz.
  • 4x630 kw diesel gensets.
  • 8 x YAKHONT anti ship missiles in 2 vertical launchers
  • 6 x MEDVEDKA-VE anisubmarine missiles in one vertical launcher
  • A190 gun mount 100mm caliber
  • 2 x KASHTAN-M close-in AA missile-artillery system
  • 2 x MTPU pedstal mashine gun 14.5 mm caliber
  • Observation and target designation Radar system
  • Attack missile target designation Radar system
  • Artillery fire control Radar system
  • Two optronic fire control systems for AA close-in weapons
  • ECM Radar system
  • Chaff and decoy launcher system with four launchers
  • CO's electronic commamd console
  • Sonar system with hull mounted and towed arrays
  • Anti diver sonar system
  • Integrated navigated system, compring gyro, magnetic compass, echosounder, log, radio direction finder, satellite system. The details of navaids complement could be specified on Customer choice.
  • The complement of communication system is provided under Customer specifications.
  • Active roll motions damper
  • Helicopter, hangar, flight deck
  • Launching/retrieving device for a towed sonar

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