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Pakistan Air Force Squadrons

As of 1999 the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) was organized into eighteen squadrons, with a total of 430 combat aircraft. Following the traditions of Britain's Royal Air Force the Squadrons of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF)are awarded Standards upon completion of 25 years of service. In 2007 PAF raised a new squadron, specialising in night strike role. The newest Squadron No.27 is based at PAF base Rafiqui near Shorkot, equipped with Mirage aircraft converted for the specialised role.

Unit Nick-Name Equipment Base
No. 1 Squadron Rahbers FT-5 Mianwali
No. 2 Squadron Minhas F-7P Masroor
No. 3 Squadron B707
Fokker F-27
No. 4 Squadron
No. 5 Squadron Falcons Mirage IIIEP and RP Rafiqui
No. 6 Squadron Antelopes C-130 Chaklala
No. 7 Squadron Bandits Mirage VPA Masroor
No. 8 Squadron Haider Mirage VPA3 and VPA2 Masroor
No. 9 Squadron Griffins F-16A Sargodha
No.10 Squadron
No.11 Squadron Arrows F-16A and B Sargodha
No.12 Squadron Globe Trotters B707
Fokker F-27
No.14 Squadron Tail Choppers
F-7P Kamra
No.15 Squadron Cobra F-7P Kamra
No.16 Squadron Black Panthers A-5C Peshawar
No.17 Squadron Tigers F-7PG F-6, FT- 6 Samungli
No.18 Squadron Sharp Shooters F-7P Rafiqui
No.19 Squadron Warhawks
No.20 Squadron Cheetas
F-7P Rafiqui
No.22 Squadron Ghazis Mirage VPA, DPA, IIIDP Masroor
No.23 Squadron Talons F-6 Samungli
No.24 Squadron Falcon 20 F/G Sargodha
No.25 Squadron (Night Strike) Eagles F-7 and FT-7 Mianwali
No.26 Squadron Black Spiders A-5C Peshawar
No.27 Squadron Zarrars Mirage Rafiqui
No.41 Squadron Cessna 172
Aero Commander
Beach Travel
No.81 Squadron Kangaroos Alouette III Peshawar
No.82 Squadron Alouette III Sargodha
No.83 Squadron Alouette III Rafiqui
No.84 Squadron Dolphins Alouette III Masroor
No.85 Squadron Alouette III Samungli
No.86 Squadron Alouette III Mianwali
Dashing F-7
Mirage VPA

On 18 April 2009 Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force, who was undertaking his inaugural visits to various PAF bases after assuming the command of Pakistan Air Force, visited PAF Base Peshawar. On arrival at the base, he was presented Guard of Honor by a smartly turned out contingent of Pakistan Air Force. He also reviewed the parade presented by the Base personnel. Addressing Airmen, Air Chief Marshal Qamar Suleman said "The first ever fighter squadron of JF-17 Thunder aircraft will be raised and stationed at Pakistan Air Force Base, Peshawar. By the end of 2009, full strength of JF-17 Thunder aircraft squadron, which will also be the first ever squadron in the world, will be operational at PAF Base, Peshawar."

The Pakistan air force began receiving new-build F-16s from Lockheed Martin beginning in 2009. The 18 aircraft on order-plus a major upgrade package for the nation's existing aircraft and further options-will dramatically enhance the service's capabilities and will bring to a close a controversial 20-year procurement saga. During that time Pakistan turned increasingly to China for the majority of its weaponry, and while it ordered large numbers of F-7 and JF-17 fighters to maintain numbers, the U.S.-made F-16s will bring a welcome boost in precision attack capability.

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