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Pakistan Air Force Order of Battle

Northern Air Command, HQ Peshawar
Northern Air Command HQ FlightPAC/MFI-17 MushakPeshawar

No. 33 (Fighter/Multi-Role) Wing, Kamra
No. 14 Sqn. 'Fighting 14/Shaheens'F16A/BKamra
No. 15 Sqn. 'Cobras'Shenyang F-6, FT-6Kamra
Station FlightPAC/MFI-17 MushakKamra

No. 36 (Tactical Attack) Wing, Peshawar
No. 16 Sqn. 'Panthers'A5-C, FT-6Peshawar
No. 26 Sqn. 'Black Spiders'A5-C, FT-6Peshawar
No. 81 Sqn.Allouette IIIPeshawar

No. 37 (Combat Training) Wing, Mianwali
No. 1. Fighter Conversion UnitFt-5Mianwali
no. 19 (OCU) Sqn. 'War Hawks/Sherdils'F-6, FT-6Mianwali
No. 25 (OCU) Sqn. 'Eagles'F-7P SkyboltMianwali
No. 86 Sqn.Alluoette IIIMianwali
Station FlightPAC/MFI-17 MushakMianwali

Central Air Command, HQ Sargodha
Central Air Command HQ FlightPAC/MFI-17 MushakSargodha

No. 34 (Fighter) Wing, Rafiqi
No. 5 SqnMirage III EP
No. 18 Sqn.F-7P SkyboltRafiqi
No. 20 Sqn. 'Cheetahs/Eagles'F-7P SkyboltRafiqi
No. 83 Sqn.Allouette IIIRafiqi
No. 456 Sqn.Crotale SAMKahuta?

No. 38 (Multi-Role) Wing, Sargodha
No. 9 Sqn. 'Griffins'F-16A/BSargodha
No. 11 (OCU) Sqn. 'Arrows'F-16A/BSargodha
No. 24 Sqn. 'Blinders'Falcon 20Sargodha
No. 82 Sqn.Allouette IIISargodha
No. 451 Sqn.Crotale SAMSargodha

Southern Air Command, HQ Faisal
Southern Air Commander HQ FlightAero Commander 680Failsal

No. 31 (Fighter) Wing, Samungli
No. 17 Sqn. 'Tigers'F-6, FT-6Samungli
No. 23 Sqn.F-6, FT-6Samungli
No. 85 Sqn.Alouette IIISamungli
No. 454 Sqn.Crotale SAMSamungli

No 32 (Fighter Ground Attack) Wing, Masroor
No. 2 Sqn. A FlightF-7P SkyboltMasroor
No. 2 Sqn. B FlightT/RT-33Masroor
No. 7 (OCU) Sqn. 'Bandits'Mirage IIIOs
Mirage IIIDPs
Mirage IIIBE
No. 8 Sqn.Mirage 5PA3Masroor
No. 22 (OCU) Sqn.Mirage 5PA, IIIDP, 5PA2
5DP, 5DPA2
No. 84 Sqn. 'Dolphins'Allouette IIIMasroor
No. 453 Sqn.Crotale SAMMasroor
Unknown Sqn.HQ-2b SAMMasroor

Air Defence Command (ADC) Chaklala, Rawalpindi

Air Force Strategic Command (AFSC) Islamabad

Independent/Direct Reporting Units

Combat Commander's SchoolF-6, Mirage 5PASargodha

No. 35 (Composite Air Transport) Wing, Chaklala
No. 6 Sqn. 'Antelops'C-130B/E
L-100 Hercules
No. 12 Sqn.Fokker F-27
falcon F-20
Beech King Air 200
Boeing 707-340C
Transport Conversion SchoolC-130s (borrowed)Chaklala
No 455. Sqn.Crotale SAMChaklala
No. 41 Sqn.Cessna 172, Piper Seneca
Beech Baron
Unknown Sqn.HQ-2B SAMChaklala

PAF Academy/Air University, Risalpur
Primary Flying Training Wing
No. 1 Preliminary Flying
Training Sqn.
PAC/MFI-17 MashakRisalpur
No. 2 Preliminary Flying
training Sqn.
PAC/MFI-17 MashakRisalpur
Basic Flying Training Wing
No. 1 Basic Flying
Training Sqn.
Cessna T-37B/CRisalpur
No. 2 Basic Flying
Training Sqn.
Cessna T-37B/CRisalpur
Flying Instructors' SchoolPAC/MFI-17 Mashak
Also uses T-37 & FT-5 on
ad hoc basis

Pakistan Air Force College, Risalpur
-Scheibe SF-25 FalkeRisalpur
No. 101 Maintenance UnitEngine overhaulsShar-e-Faisal
No. 102 Maintenance UnitAircraft storageShar-e-Faisal

PAF Air War College, Faisal

Air Weapon's Complex

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC)

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