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3 Squadron

By some accounts PAF now also has No 3 Squadron, though other sources deny this report. Probably due to some unit establishment (U/E) issues, around 2003, No 12 VIP squadron was said to have been re-named as No. 3 VIP squadron. Except name change, the rest of the details are same as of 12 squadron. It's still based at Chaklala and as its name suggests, is responsible to carry the VIPs around.

As its title implies, No.3 (VIP Communications) Sqn. was concerned mostly with moving high-ranking officials and dignitaries and its assets include the Presidential F27 Friendship and Falcon 20 as well as a solitary King Air 200 and three Boeing 707s. The latter were also obtained from the national airline, one having a VIP interior while the other two are mainly used on long-haul cargo trips.

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