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Training Institute

The Training Institute in Lebanon was first established on 07 August 1961 as a teaching school. However, it has been restructured, reconstructed, and reorganized many times throughout the years of Lebanon's civil war. Its last major overhaul was in 2000 and it now focuses on skills related to defense, logistics, infantry, developing non-commissioned officers and specialized training schools.

The standards for admission to the non-commissioned officer school are: the candidate must be Lebanese for more than 10 years, not convicted of a crime nor sentence to more than six months in jail, have a good reputation, not have been eliminated for cheating on any ministry of defense exams, passed grade nine or the equivalent, and be single with no children. After three years of training, candidates become seargents upon graduation.

The defense, logistics, and infantry programs within the school provide further training and if necessary there are artillery, engineering, and armor specialized ranges as well. All of these schools and programs are located at the Mohamed Makki Barracks.

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