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Staff and Command College

Since 1974, the Command Staff College trains new military officers and those tracked for future command. The initial training is three years of military schooling and for some followed by application courses at foreign institutions. After initial training, depending on the track of each individual, there is subsequent obligatory training for captains, battalion commanders, and staff. The college was originally run out of Army Headquarters at Yarzeh but is presently located in the town of Rihania.

The specific missions of the Command Staff College are defined as: to prepare officers to exercise command over tactical or logistic units or administrative services, to prepare officers to fulfill staff functions at different levels, to organize training periods to fulfill staff functions at different levels, to increase an officers' ability to better fulfill their missions by deepening their knowledge through studies and researches, and to carry out research into some subjects of military strategy that might interest the national defense.

Each symbol on the emblem of the Command Staff College represents a specific ideal for a member of the Army. The two spread swords symbolize the officer's command. The two palms represent eternal vitality and generosity. The flame in the center symbolizes sacrifice and martyrdom and the cedar is the symbol of Lebanon.

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