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Military Academy

The Military Academy is one of the oldest military institutions in Lebanon. It was originally founded in Damascus in 1921 under French colonization. In 1932, the school relocated to Homs. During that era the academy commander was always a French officer and the assistant commander was always a Lebanese or Syrian officer. Provisos of admission to the military academy require an individual to be 18 to 25 years of age, hold a brevet certificate, pass the admissions test and to be a Lebanese or Syrian national or have a Lebanese or Syrian father. Graduation of each class would occur every October. Study at the academy varied between two and three years depending on a cadet's French proficiency. However, non-commissioned officers only trained for one year. Upon graduating, cadets were given the rank of lieutenant and a certificate that stated their specialty in either infantry, cavalry, artillery, and engineering.

On 14 October 1946, Lebanese and French units established the current military academy located at the Shukri Ghanem barracks in Fayadieh. New admission standards were established to reflect Lebanon and Lebanese nationalism. These include that candidates must have been Lebanese for more than 10 years, be between the age of 18 and 23, not have committed a felony or misdemeanor, be a bachelor with no children, have a good reputation and a Lebanese bacc. II or its equivalent. The new test for enrollment include IQ, physical fitness, medical, writing and evaluation. Candidates are also tested on math, geography, history, sociology, economics and for language proficiency in French or English.

To achieve its mission of proper habilitation and training the military academy concentrates on developing military and technical culture for recent officers, improving body strength to undergo army hardships, enlarging students skills and knowledge in the general culture and scientific research, and developing moral and habilitation development, behavior, trustworthiness, honesty, and discipline.

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