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Mountain Skiing Fighting School

The High Sports Military Center was founded in 1943 but came under Lebanese control in 1946. It officially changed its name to High Sports Miltary Center in 1978 but the old center was destroyed during the Israeli invasion in 1982. The modern High Sports Military Center is located at Hareit Hreik city on the east side of the main road leading to beirut international airoport. Its current command structure flowed from the branches and the secretariats to the platoons of services to their sports teams.

The missions of the High Sports Military Center are centered around the army and sports federation. For the army the center is to help maintain the physical fitness of soldiers, organize sports championships, organize private practices and tournaments for practice, prepare soldiers for international competition, and to give technical advice to all military units. For the sports federation the center must prepare army teams in groups and as individuals to participate in local and international sports championship and to coordinate with the Ministry of Sport and the Lebanese Olympic committee and other special organisation to organize a friendly events.

The torch on the emblem symbolizes the olympic torch, the filbert distinguishes the military from the civil federations, and the sword symbolizes justice and nobleness. The three circlets symbolize, the council of military sport, military arab federation, sports federation.

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