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Mizoram - Governance

As a sequel to the signing of the Historic Memorundum of Settlement between the Government of India and the Mizo National Front in 1986, Mizoram was granted Statehood on February 20, 1987 as per Statehood Act of 1986 and Mizoram became the 23rd State of the Indian Union. Mizoram has witnessed vast constitutional, political and administrative changes during the past years. The traditional cheiftainship was abolished and the District and Regional Councils created under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India, give a substantial measure of local control. Today, the Lais, Maras and Chakmas have seperate autonomous District Councils. The Village Councils are the grassroots of democracy in Mizoram.

Mizoram is now represented at the Parliament by two members, one in the Lok Sabha and the other in the Rajya Sabha.

The Mizoram State Legislative Assembly has 40 seats. The first session of Mizoram Legislative Assembly was held on 10th May, 1972, that was the beginning of Mizoram Legislative Assembly. The first Assembly of Mizoram had 30 Elected seats and 3 nominated seats. The erstwhile District council House was inherited for the Assembly House, since then the House of the Mizoram Legislative Assembly has become the place where grievances of the people are ventilated. The status of territory was upgraded to statehood by a act of Parliament which was passed in August, 1986. It was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi on 20th February, 1987.

As Mizoram was declared the 23rd State of the lndian Union on February 201' 1987 and the Fifth General Election to the first Mizoram State Legislative Assembly was held on February 2, 1987, with an increase of 10 seats, making the total number of seats from 30 to 40 elected seats. The Mizoram State Legislative is unicameral. It must be noted that several general election for the Assembly were held during the past more than three decades and it is quite remarkable that these election had passed off peacefully. No coercion and booth capturing have taken place in the history of Mizoram.

Apart from various notable achievements, this Legislature has the privilege of having its own Budget Committee, Pay Committee, Service and Recruitment Rules etc. The Budget Committee having 7 members was constituted on 23rd June, 2000 for a term of one till year with the primary function to scrutinize the Estimate and Budget proposals prepared by the Mizoram Legislative Assembly Secretariat. The Budget Estimate as recommended by the Budget Committee and duly approved by the Speaker are forwarded to Finance Department for incorporation in the State Annual Budget as a matter of course.

The Governor is the Constitutional Head of the State. He forms a stable link between the Central Government and State Government as provided in Article 153-157 of the Constitution. In line with the powers and functions of the Governor vested under Article 151, 161, 164-167, 174-175, 207, 213, 200 and special powers of the Governor provided in the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India under Article 244(2), the Governor exercises his powers and functions under the Constitution. Rule 5 of the Governorís (Allowances & Privileges) Rules 1987 provides that the Governor is entitled to a separate Secretariat. The expenditure on establishment of Governorís Secretariat is charged on the Consolidated Fund of the State. The Governorís Secretariat assists the Governor in discharging his responsibilities under the Constitution.

Aizawl, the state capital of Mizoram came into being as a fortified post on the recommendation of Mr. Dally of the Assam Military Battalion in the spring of 1890. It is now 112 years old and is at an altitude of 4000 ft. above sea level. It has a population of approximately 2 lakhs. The city stands on a high ridge surrounded on the east by the deep green valley of the river Tuirial and on the west by the river Tlawng with its lush emerald valleys. On the north, Aizawl is protected by beautiful high craggy hills of Durtlang and the capital city stands like a huge citadel. It is adorned by picturesque scenery and peaceful surroundings with mild and enjoyable weather throughout the year. Aizawl is an ideal hill station for tourists looking for solitude, clean and fresh environment and new destinations.

Aizawl is the political and cultural center of Mizoram. It is here that the State Legislature is situated. It is also the seat of the Government and all important Government as well as Public Sector offices are located at Aizawl. It is also the commercial hub of the State and all commercial and economic activities are centred around the city.

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