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Order of Battle - Hungarian Defense Forces

Administrative support:
HDF Military Administrative and Data Processing Centre
HDF Augmentation / Recruitment Commands
HDF Western Hungarian Augmentation / Recruitment Command
HDF Eastern Hungarian Augmentation / Recruitment Command
HDF Operations Centre
NATO/EU positions
MH 2nd Knight rpd Bertalan Special Purpose Brigade
HDF 5th ‘Istvn Bocskai’ Infantry Brigade
HDF 25th ’György Klapka’ Infantry Brigade

HDF 25/88 Light Mixed Battalion
HDF 34th ’Lszl Bercsnyi’ Special Operations Battalion

HDF 59th ’Dezs Szentgyörgyi’ Aviation Base
HDF 12th Arrabona Anti Aircraft Missile Regiment
HDF 86th Szolnok Helicopter Base
Combat support:
MH 37th ’Ferenc Rkczi II’ Engineering Battalion
HDF 93rd ’Sndor Petfi’ NBC Battalion
HDF 43rd Signal and Command and Control Support Regiment
HDF 54th Veszprm Air Surveillance Regiment
HDF Civilian–Military Cooperation and Psychological Operations Centre
HDF ‘Artr Görgei’ NBC Information Centre
HDF Peace Support Training Centre
HDF Military Movement Center
HDF 1st Honvd Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Warship Battalion
Service – Support:
HDF 64th ’Jzsef Bocondi Szab’ Logistics Regiment
HDF Bakony Combat Training Centre
HDF Ppa Base Airport
HDF Hazardous Material Supply Centre
HDF Logistics Supply Centre
HDF Aircraft Repair Plant
HDF Military Transport Centre
HDF Support Brigade
HDF Geoinformation Service
HDF ’Dr György Rad’ Honvd Medical Centre
HDF Central Training Base and HDF ‘Pl Kinizsi’ NCO Training School Szentendre

HDF BZ (Guard and Security Battalion)
HDF KFOR SZD (Company)
SPECIFIC individual assignments

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