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MH 2nd Vitez Árpád Bertalan Special Purpose Brigade

MH 25. György Klapka Lövészdandár Infantry Brigade The brigade task force under the Minister of Defense 1705 / 200-21 / 2017. defines the independence, territorial integrity and borders of Hungary, the protection of its territorial integrity and borders, the maintenance of common defense and peacekeeping tasks arising from international treaties and the conduct of humanitarian activities in accordance with international law. Implementation of specific operational tasks and related activities specified in NATO doctrines under national subordination or participation in federal ties; participation in the fulfillment of the tasks undertaken in peace operations; participation in peace and war research and rescue missions. Participation in crisis management as defined in separate plans.

MH 2nd Brigadier Bertalan Árpád Special Purpose Brigade was founded on the 1st of September 2017 as the successor of the 2rd Knight of the Order of Bertalan Árpád Special Forces.

The history of a regimented military entity established on January 1, 2016 dates back to 1993 when the MH 34. Bercsényi László Reconnaissance Battalion was the first to establish a dual purpose (air and parachute shooter) century, then the MH 88 Air Balloon Battalion. The Battalion became independent military organization on 1 September 1993. The history of the two groups was split, and the 88th battalion was basically a light sniper, while the 34th battalion continued to engage in a reconnaissance professional line. Apart from the separation, many parallelisms remained, such as the integration of special organizational structure, parachuting and diving, non-traditional armaments, and procedural modes.

The two military organizations subsequently underwent several modifications, but retained the specialties that belonged to him. The development of special operational capabilities has been supported by the United States of America since 2005. Over the years, the two organizations undertook several tasks that underlined the parallelism, such as the third shift of the MH Lightweight Pedestrian Center in 2005 and the 4th Changeover of the MH Provincial Reconstruction Team in 2008 where the two organizations performed a joint service Afghanistan. As a consequence of this historical parallelism, the special purpose regiment was formed on 1 January 2016.

Altered security challenges and the hybrid threat of modern warfare required additional reasonable use of available resources (domestic and US). A highly-skilled, modern, modern armed, unmanaged military organization, which is not or can only be solved with conventional military organizations, is justified by the special brigade on September 1, 2017.

The special purpose brigade is based on combat, combat support, combat server support subunits. Thanks to its special organizational design, it is able to efficiently use land, air and water application modes, combining them as needed with a full spectrum of special operations and sniper missions. The task execution is characterized by a high level of autonomy and precision.

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