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MH 25. György Klapka Lövészdandár Infantry Brigade

MH 25. György Klapka Lövészdandár Infantry Brigade MH 25. György Klapka Lövészdandár Infantry Brigade functions are to secure the state border, to participate in the armed defense of the country under the subordination of a national or coalition headquarters; Performing military tasks in the protection of the home, the obligations arising from the alliance commitments and the fulfillment of tasks undertaken in peace operations; Participation in crisis management tasks; General military and technical training of personnel, tactical preparation; Ensuring combat intelligence, materials, combat and motor vehicles; With its strengths and tools to take part in the elimination of elemental disasters, extraordinary weather caused by the country and the population, and the implementation of other unexpected tasks.

The brigade has undergone many changes since its founding more than five decades ago. His predecessor was the 17th Independent Heavy Fighter and the Rohamtöveg Ezred. The formation was set up in October 1950, and training started in November in Székesfehérvár. In 1953 he was dislocated to Bajra, his name was 31. Heavy War and Rohamlöveg Ezred. In 1957, the regiment moved to its current barracks, Tata.

In 1961, T-34s were replaced by T-34 M, then in 1962, the first in the Hungarian People's Army, with the T-55 type tanks. In 1978, there was a technical change again and the T-72 was received. The military organization was transformed into a 25th Warhammer's Army in 1987, and after the change of regime, it picked up the name of Klapka György.

On 4 May 1990, the name Gyorgy Klapka was added to the 25 Brigade. The nineties and two thousand years have been the most technical and organisational changes. First in 1996 the Corps was restruced in MH 25. George Klapka was a self-mechanised brigade, followed by the organisational changes of 1997. George Klapka The Mechanized Rifle Brigade was named by the military organisation. The central ceremony held on the occasion of the 1999 NATO accession was held in Tata's barracks.

In 1997, the 25 György Klapka became a Mechanized Rifle Bargain; the formation was called until May 2004, when the 25th Klapka György Lightweight Shooter was named, and this time the 25/88 formed in the Szolnok Light Combat Regiment was subordinated to the formation.

A weapon change took place in 2004, when the formation picked up the 25th Klapka György Lightweight Shooter, and its entire structure specializes in lightweight shooters. At that time, the BTR-80 and the BTR-80 / A infantry fighting vehicles were in force, and the compulsory military service was terminated. The brigade has been operating since 2007, as the 25th Klapka György Shooter.

As a result of the resettlement of the armed forces, from March 1, 2007, the headquarters will be the MH 25. Klapka György Loversandandár. March 30, 2015 at 25/88. The Easy Mixed Battalion was removed from the brigade subordination.

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