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34th 'László Bercsényi' Special Operations Battalion
MH 34. Bercsényi László Különleges Muveleti Zászlóalj

34th 'László Bercsényi' Special Operations BattalionThe transition of the 34th Laszlo Bercsenyi Long Range Reconnaissance Battalion to the Hungarian Special Forces Battalion revolutionized the capabilities of the ground forces in Hungary. The Special Forces battalion brought to the Hungarian Defense Forces the ability to conduct military operations on the entire spectrum of conflicts. As a result, the HDF possesd aunique, well-trained, highly motivated unit of warriors for the first time in history.

While this process did not bring many significant changes in the training system or in equipping the battalion, the unit had to become familiar with new tactics, techniques and procedures, such as anti-terrorist, hostage-rescue, and anti-drug operations, in order to meet the requirements of its new mission. At the end of 2004, the Laszlo Bercsenyi Special Forces Battalion reached the full capability to be deployed anywhere in the world, under any conditions.

The Hungarian army's 34. László Bercsényi special operations Battalion's predecessor was the Parachute Battalion constituted in 1939. The battalion first and final parachute deployment was implemented on 12 April 1941. The battalion fought during the war on foot as a sub-unit. The functioning of the military organization has been suspended in 1954, and in 1959 the changed structure were reorganised. New unit was equipped with the Russian-made D-1 type by parachute.

Within the framework of further restructuring the military organization in 1963, diszlokált to Szolnokra. The battalion in 1973 and MI-8 helicopters, and then in 1977, the type of AN-26 aircraft performed a plane ugrásait. In 1990, the battalion took up the name of count László Bercsényi. The element to 1. Scout from Hungary 11 companies have been offered NATO membership, first between 1999-2003 the AMF (L) of England, and in the same century, 2004. from 16 January to the AMF (L) replaced by NRF forces and made the half-year stand-by. The 21st century, 2004. Easy Walk from August the MH Századként took part in the ISAF operations in Afghanistan. The evolution of the frontier battalion for special operations in 2005. September 01-I started the military organization and the organisation by the end of the period of February 2006, has also provided the restructuring and, subsequently, launched the preparation and training.

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