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North Korea Weapons

Air-to-Air Air-to-Surface
Surface-to-Surface Surface-to-Air
KN-09 300mm MRL
M-1991 240mm MRL
M-1985 240mm MRL
M-1985 122mm MRL
BM-11 122mm MRL
Type-63 107mm MRL
Tanks Armored Vehicles
M-2002 P'okpoong-ho

Type 82 / PT-85
M-1973 VTT-323

Type 85 ATGM
Artillery Anti-Aircraft
M-1989 170mm SP
M-1978 170mm SP
M-1985 152mm SP
M-1974 152mm SP
M-1992 130mm SP
M-1975 130mm SP
M-1991 122mm SP
M-1981 122mm SP
M-1977 122mm SP
M-1992 120mm SP
M-1992 30mm SPAAG
M-1990 30mm AAA
M-1983 14.5mm SPAAG
57mm SPAAG
57mm AAA
37mm SPAAG
KN-01 SS-N-1- Styx
KN-02 SS-21 Scarab
KN-03 ???? Hwasong-5 / Scud-B
KN-04 ???? Hwasong-6 / Scud-C
KN-05 ??
KN-06 SAM [S-300 / FT-2000]
KN-07 ??
KN-08 Hwasong-13
KN-09 300-mm Artillery Rocket
The "KN" [Korea, North] missile designation system
is of South Korean origin. It is apparently applied to
missiles of North Korean origin. Some of these
missiles are well attested under this designation
system, though there are many missing pieces, and
no small confusion.

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