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Kim Jong-Un showed off a new anti-tank weapon 06 February 2016, claiming it is so powerful it could turn the most heavily armoured enemy tanks into 'boiled pumpkin'. Pyongyang's state media said Kim had watched tests of the portable, laser-guided rocket and declared it had the 'longest firing range in the world.' The leader claimed it was 'as accurate as a sniper's rifle'. KCNA news agency reported "He noted with great satisfaction that even the special armoured tanks and cars of the enemies which boast their high manoeuvrability and striking power are no more than a boiled pumpkin before the anti-tank guided weapon". [After an anti-chemical warfare exercise in South Korea in April 2013, North Korea called the America a “boiled pumpkin.”]

Simple, fast and healthy, Korean (Sweet) pumpkin has a very light taste to it. Not overpowering, but subtle. It works well with a piece of avocado toast. Koreans like to add some rice to this soup and turn it into a porridge. Hobakjuk (Korean Pumpkin Porridge) is considered a great healing food among Koreans. In addition to Miyeok Guk (Korena Kelp Soup), Hobakjuk is another one of Korean mothers’ favorite soup. Koreans normally use Fairytale Pumpkin (Cheongdung Hobak) but can also use other yellow pumpkins or even Kabocha Squash. Boil cut kabocha in a pot (bring to boil then reduce to medium heat) with 3 cups water (per 1 Kabocha) for 25-30 minutes until fork goes in really easily and breaks apart. The old fashion Korean way to make hobakjuk is to use a sieve and mashing the cooked pumpkin through.

The North Korean newspaper Nodong Sinmun reported that a missile "ripped to shreds" of a Chonma-ho tank during a test on February 27 . At the same time, the model of the new weapon is not specified. The photographs from the test site show the launch of missiles at the target tank, as well as the consequences of the hit - a torn off tower without a weapon. It is known that the shooting was also conducted at the structure, but what damage was inflicted on him by a shot from an ATGM is not indicated.

The description of the missile indicates that it is capable of striking any armored vehicles, including tanks equipped with the latest defense systems. At the same time, no tactical and technical characteristics of the new weapon are reported, with the exception that the missile has a laser guidance system. The plans of the North Korean Ministry of Defense are to launch mass production of new anti-tank systems in order to use them in guerrilla warfare in case of an enemy attack.

The unnamed missile is apparently the "Bulsae-3", or Phoenix-3. The DPRK's military industry developed a new anti-tank missile system (ATGM) with a laser guidance system. The shooting of the Bulsae-3 complex at the range was demonstrated to the country's leader Kim Jong-un. Tthe complex is equipped with a missile with a laser guidance system and is capable of hitting modern tanks with combined armor protection. Details of the development of the complex are not disclosed, however, in the comments of the Russian military blog bmpd, which is conducted by experts from the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST), it is noted that Bulsae-3 is a development of the Bulsae-2 ATGM system, in turn, created on the basis of the Soviet 9K111 complex "Bassoon" (AT-4 Spigot according to NATO classification) developed in the late 1990s. In this case, the missile is also guided by a laser beam.

The complex differs from the "Fagot" with an elongated missile with a longer firing range (up to 5.5 kilometers, according to experts) and a laser guidance system instead of a semi-automatic wire. Thus, in terms of its performance characteristics, it corresponds to the modern Russian ATGM "Kornet". It is assumed that the new ATGM will be capable of striking modern tanks of the USA, South Korea and Japan in a frontal projection.

This system is not the best solution. So, the laser beam is sensitive to haze and dust, and also, until the missile hits the target, the operator must keep it in the sight (which, of course, constrains the actions of the calculation). Now ATGMs of the new - third generation are used. The famous American FGM-148 Javelin became the first. The missile of the complex has an infrared homing head. This allows attacking the target day and night in any weather conditions. In addition, the complex operates on the “fire-and-forget” principle, which facilitates the work of the calculation.

Another advantage of the FGM-148 was that the missile can hit the target not only directly, but also from above. In this case, it hits the weakly protected top of a tank, armored personnel carrier or infantry fighting vehicle. Only a small number of Western countries have the technical capabilities to create an analogue of the FGM-148 Javelin ATGM (the DPRK, of course, cannot develop anything like that). Meanwhile, Bulsae-3 has become a significant step forward for the North Korean military-industrial complex and made it possible to approach the level of Russian or Chinese counterparts.

Bulsae-2 Bulsae-3

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