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Special Forces - Navy

The special combat unit of the Chinese Marine Corps is an amphibious reconnaissance company. The soldiers are strictly selected from active marine soldiers according to their physical conditions, psychological qualities, education and military skills. Its main tasks include the use of optical, radio, and photographic equipment to conduct reconnaissance of targets near the coastline, the activities of enemy fleets in the station, destroy surface ships and submarines moored at the base, destroy important water conservancy facilities, and detect enemy anti-landing defenses In some cases, open channels in enemy defense landing obstacles or clear underwater obstacles, attack important traffic trunks, military and industrial targets near the coast, and damage military and civilian communication systems.

Because it mainly uses maritime (using submarines and surface vessels) and air to project power, the unit focuses on maritime transport training such as transport aircraft, helicopters, submarines (including sub-miniature submarines), surface ships, ships and speedboats. Special systems for water travel, scuba, diving suits and parachutes. Each special reconnaissance company is equipped with both conventional light weapons and special weapons (such as whistle guns), including automatic rifles, assault rifles, light machine guns, and pistols. To destroy enemy forces, armored vehicles and other important targets, these units are also equipped with portable anti-tank missiles and rocket launchers.

In addition, the units performing reconnaissance and sabotage missions are also equipped with special weapons such as daggers with close-kill capabilities. To facilitate missions off the coast, Navy special forces soldiers are equipped with marine camouflage clothing, helmets, bullet-proof vests, night vision, communication equipment, and other equipment used for positioning and signal transmission.

Today's special forces' ability to perform long-range and large-depth operations has been unprecedentedly improved, and they often bear more important battles and even strategic missions in war. From the perspective of modern local warfare, in addition to performing traditional military tasks, special forces equipped with high-tech weapons have significantly increased the role and proportion of combating conventional forces in the war, and even played a significant role in the entire battle process. Role, and its odd and positive characteristics of combat methods have gradually developed into an important combat style of today's war.

China Navy Special Forces China Navy Special Forces

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