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Afghanistan - Urban Areas

As of 2004 the urban population of about 6.4 million, i.e., 30% of the total population, is estimated to double by 2015 at a growth rate twice the average growth rate in the country. More than 70 percent of the urban population is concentrated in six cities: Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Mazar-ISharif, Jalalabad and Kunduz. Refugees choose to return to cities for the benefits offered by urban life; the population of Kabul has increased from 1.7 million in 2000 to at least 2.4 million in 2003.

About 77,000 urban houses, of which 63,000 in Kabul alone, have to be rebuilt and an additional 63,000 have to be built for the internally displaced people (IDP). 60% or Kabul urban roads have been destroyed; access to piped water is only about 20% in Kabul (10 to 30% in the other major provincial cities); more than 20 provincial capitals do not have any functioning piped water system and no more than 50% of solid waste is collected.

Almost half of Kabul's residents are under the threat of relocation, as a result of the combination of IDPs settling on land outside of the Master Plan and the disruption of the land administration process during the war years.

CityProvinceAbbr. population
Aqchah JowzjanJOW 13,000
Andkhvoy FaryabFYB 20,000
Asadabad KonarhaKNR 3,000
Aybak SamanganSAM 8,000
Baghlan BaghlanBGL 47,000
BalkhBalkhBAL 11,000
BamianBamianBAM 11,000
Chagcharan GhowrGHO 5,000
Chah Ab TakharTAK 16,000
Charikar ParvanPAR 34,000
Emam Saheb KonduzKDZ 19,000
Farah FarahFRA 29,000
Faizabad BadakhshanBDS 14,000
Gardiz PaktiaPIA 15,000
Ghurian HeratHER 19,000
Ghazni GhazniGHA 46,000
HeratHeratHER 249,000
Jalalabad NangarharNAN 96,000
Kabol [Kabul] KabolKAB 2,678,000
Khanabad KonduzKDZ 41,000
Kholm SamanganSAM 43,000
KhowstKhowstKHO 3,000
KonduzKonduzKDZ 95,000
Lashkar GahHelmandHEL 33,000
Mahmud-e Raqi KapisaKAP 2,000
Maydan Shahr VardakWAR 3,000
Mazar-e Sharif BalkhBAL 183,000
Mehtar LamLaghmanLAG 6,000
MeymanehFaryabFYB 58,000
NurestanNurestanNUR ...
Paghman KabolKAB 29,000
Pol-e 'Alam LowgarLOW 6,000
Pol-e KhomriBaghlanBGL 60,000
Qalat ZabolZAB 9,000
Qal'eh-ye NowBadghisBDG 8,000
Qal'eh-ye Zal KonduzKDZ 18,000
Qandahar [Kandahar]QandaharKAN 316,000
Rostaq TakharTAK 10,000
Sang-e Charak Sar-e PolSAR 12,000
Sar-e Pol Sar-e PolSAR 24,000
Sheberghan JowzjanJOW 29,000
Taloqan TakharTAK 30,000
Tarin Kowt OruzganORU 5,000
Zaranj NimruzNIM 10,000
Zareh Sharan PaktikaPKA 2,000

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