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Cold War Era Destroyers

Ships of the Destroyer Force, Atlantic Fleet, also participated in the Korean War, the Cuban Crisis of October 1962, the Vietnam conflict and any time these "greyhounds of the sea" were needed.

The Destroyer Force, Atlantic Fleet, continued from World War II to April 1, 1962, when it was combined with the Cruiser Force, Atlantic Fleet, forming the Cruiser-Destroyer Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, headquartered in Newport, R.I.

With the Navy-wide realignment of forces, the Cruiser-Destroyer Force, Atlantic, shifted its headquarters to Norfolk, VA., on July 1, 1973, and was disestablished on December 31, 1974, to combine with the Amphibious Force, Atlantic and the Service Force, Atlantic, to form the Naval Surface Force, Atlantic Fleet on January 1, 1975.

Named for the Navy's most famous destroyer squadron combat commander and three-time Chief of Naval Operations, USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) is the most powerful surface combantant ever put to sea. Technological advances have improved the capability of this class of destroyer. Designed for survivability, DDG 51 incorporates all-steel construction and numerous damage control features.

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