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DD-380 Gridley

The four Gridley class destroyers were conceived during the rather confusing mid 1930s destroyer building program with consideration on failure of torpedoes on impact with the water when fired from centerline torpedo mounts. These had four quad mounts mounted lower on quadrants of the main deck. Two were approved in the FY1934 program as part of the twelve 1,500 ton destroyers authorized by Congress. The Bethlehem design won, and these became the lead two Gridley class ships. The later two would be approved in FY1935.

Unlike the Mahan (DD-364) class's pole masts, these had tripod masts - anti-aircraft armament of four .50-cal machine guns was upgraded in 1942 with surface/air search radars and six single 20mm AA guns; two more were added in 1943-44. Excessive topweight precluded the addition of 40mm guns which made them vulnerable to kamikaze attack; they were moved to the Atlantic Fleet to assist in the anti-submarine effort against Germany. All four survived the war and were scrapped thereafter.

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