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DD-825 Carpenter

DD-825 Carpenter was the lead ship of a Modified Gearing Class of destroyers which were completed as hunter-killer destroyers (DDK-825). Carpenter was launched as DD-825 on 28 December 1945 by Consolidated Steel Corp., Orange, TX. Carpenter was reclassified DDK on 28 January 1948, and completed as a hunter-killer destroyer at the Newport News Shipbuilding Corp. in 1949. Following her commissioning and shakedown, she was reclassified DDE on 4 March 1950, and assigned to the Pacific Fleet.

The Carpenter and the Owens both had two twin 3"50 guns when first commissioned. The Carpenter received 3"70's in 1957 and the 5"38 in the 1960's. The ships carried special ASW weapons - the MK 108 Launchers (one forward and one aft) that were used for Weapon Able (that was essentially a rocket propelled depth charge), which had a diameter of 12.75". They mounted four 21" fixed mount torpedo tubes (two to port and two to Stbd).

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