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DD-386 Bagley

Eight 1500 ton destroyers filled out the FY1934 building program following a basic Bethlehem Shipbuilding design but to be built by the Navy Yards. They received the same engineering plant of the Mahan (DD-364) class but displaced almost 200 tons more resulting in a top speed of 36-37 knots. Endurance was about 4,350nm at 20 knots cruising speed.

More stable sea platforms than their contemporaries, they received more extensive anti-aircraft armament as the war progressed. In 1942, six single 20mm Oerkilon AA guns were added as well as air and surface search radars. In 1943-44 a twin 40mm AA gun was added forward of No. 3 turret and two single 20mm guns moved aft of the stack. Their armament of no less than sixteen anti-surface torpedoes was impressive.

The Bagley class served with Pacfleet and participated in all major engagements of the naval war against Japan. USS Jarvis (DD-393) was lost with all hands on 9 August 1942 while en route to Australia for repairs from an aerial torpedo hit off Guadalcanal. Later in August, Blue (DD-387) was sunk by torpedoes from a Japanese destroyer off Guadalcanal. The six remaining ships were attached to MacArthur's Seventh Fleet in 1943 serving off New Guinea. Henley (DD-391) was sunk by a Japanese submarine - she would be the last war loss. By 1944, the five Bagleys were forming carrier screens and assisting in amphibious invasions. Two were expended in the Bikini Atoll atomic tests and the other three were scrapped in 1947.

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