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High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV)

A0 Series A1 Series A2 Series ECV Series ECV 2 Series RECAP
Cargo/Troop Carrier M998/M1038 M998A1/M1038A1 M1123 M1165 XM1211
Heavy Cargo Carrier M1097 M1097A1 M1097A2 M1113/M1152 XM1213 M1097R1
Artillery Prime Mover M1069 M1097A1 M1097A2
Shelter Carrier M1037/M1042 M1097A1 M1097A2 M1113/M1152 XM1213
Armament Carrier w/ Basic Armor M1025/M1026 M1025A1/M1026A1 M1025A2 M1151 XM1212 M1025R1
Armament Carrier w/ Supplemental Armor M1043/M1044 M1043A1/M1044A1 M1043A2
Armament Carrier Up-Armored M1109 M1114/M1116/M1151A1/XM1166
TOW Missile Carrier w/ Basic Armor M966/M1036 M966A1/M1036A1/M1121 M1167 XM1214
TOW Missile Carrier w/ Supplemental Armor M1045/M1046 M1045A1/M1046A1 M1045A2
TOW Missile Carrier Up-Armored M1115/M1167A1
Hard-Top Ambulance M996/M997 M996A1/M997A1 M996A2/M997A2 XM1225
Soft-Top Ambulance M1035 M1035A1 M1035A2 M1152A1
Fire Support Team Vehicle M707 M707
TACP Vehicle M1145
Command Vehicle M1165 XM1211
Special Operations Vehicle DMV GMV GMV
Anti-Aircraft Vehicle Avenger Avenger Avenger Avenger
EOD/UXO Disposal Zeus HLONS
Hybrid Vehicle XM1124

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