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Tactical Decision Aids (TDAs)

The DTSS provides software to generate a variety of mobility, visibility, and special purpose TDAs. Mobility TDAs include off-road and on-road speed products, combined obstacle overlays (COOs), shaded time distance, and maneuver networks and predictions using Battlespace Terrain Reasoning and Awareness (BTRA)-provided applications. Visibility functions can be used to generate masked/visible areas for site (point), route (line), and region (area) analyses. The DTSS can also create special purpose products based on the area of operation, mission requirements, and available data. These include such things as helicopter landing zones (HLZs), bivouac sites, and lines of communication. Tools are also provided to perform more complex analyses that combine and/or buffer multiple products, as well as determine the proximity of features with regard to other features. Future DTSS functions will integrate hydrology and urban data into sophisticated TDAs to support the increasing demands on the warfighters' decision-making process.

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