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F-16IN Super Viper

The F-16IN Super Viper is a unique new fighter sharing a heritage with the world's only fifth generation fighters – the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter and the F-22 Raptor. Evolutionary integration of fifth generation technologies makes the F-16IN the most advanced fourth generation fighter in the world today.

This ultimate fourth generation fighter is tailored exclusively to meet or exceed all of India’s Medium Multi Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) requirements. The F-16IN is the right choice for the Indian Air Force (IAF) and is ready for integration into India’s infrastructure and operations now.

The ability of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics to incorporate the latest technologies into the F-16IN is the key to expanding mission roles and improving combat capability, therefore creating the most effective multi role fighter today. With a robust upgrade capacity and the continuous insertion of technology, the F-16IN can be readily equipped with emerging capabilities throughout its lifecycle.

The Super Viper has the most advanced technologies and capabilities available today on the international market. It is truly the ultimate fourth generation fighter with all it brings to the battlefield.

Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Radar
The Northrop Grumman APG-80 AESA radar is the only AESA operational in the international market today. This revolutionary all-weather, precision targeting sensor has been exported by the United States government and is defending a sovereign nation today; no other MMRCA competitor can make that claim. The APG-80 AESA radar provides outstanding situational awareness and detection; ultrahigh-resolution synthetic aperture radar mapping, fully interleaved modes of operations with automatic terrain following; and air-to-air tracking of multiple targets.

Net-Centric Warfare Capability
The fusion of net-centric operations and onboard data provides a total battle space picture and optimizes mission accomplishment. The F-16 was the first multi-role fighter to incorporate a data link capability, and the IAF's Operational Data Link (ODL) can be integrated onto the F-16IN when available, ensuring interoperability with other IAF aircraft. Data integrates through all phases of the mission – from mission planning, navigation, communication and target prosecution to return to base – transforming the pilot from an aircraft system manager to a tactician.

Modern, Full-Color, All-Digital Glass Cockpit
Pilots receive easy-to-interpret information via the all-digital cockpit and helmet -mounted cueing system. The large color displays are capable of fusing data from on- and off-board sensors, reducing the workload and enabling the pilot to focus on the mission.

Advanced Survivability Features
The low radar signature of the F-16IN reduces detection by enemy radars. Its single-engine design has smaller infrared and visual signature than twin-engine fighters. The internal electronic warfare and towed decoy systems, provided by Raytheon, avoid or defeat the most advanced threats. Raytheon's combat-proven EW systems are deployed on F-16 aircraft worldwide. Superior agility and excellent pilot situational awareness reduce vulnerability to attack, while critical systems redundancy and shielding enhance survivability.

Enhanced High Thrust Engine
The F-16IN offers the highest thrust engine in the competition, the General Electric F110-132A. It has 32,000 pounds of thrust with an unprecedented record of safety, reliability, maintainability and durability.The F110 incorporates the latest technology, including full authority digital engine control, for maximum fuel efficiency and performance.

Safety, Reliability and Maintainability
The F-16IN is the most reliable, maintainable and safest multirole fighter in the world . . . based on more than 13 million flight hours in peacetime and combat operations. Also, our support approach provides the lowest life-cycle cost and is consistent with existing IAF maintenance practices.

Proven Combat and Operational Effectiveness

  • Over 400,000 combat hours
  • More air-to-air victories (72-0)
  • Over 100,000 combat missions flown
  • Over 2,200,000 ordnance delivered in combat
  • Over one million operational sorties in support of the Global war on Terror

Lockheed Martin understands that meeting the specific needs of each partner, the company insures that the F-16 maintains an unmatched record of program performance and mission success. India’s partnership with Lockheed Martin can provide access to the highest technology, opportunities for technology co-development, low-risk licensed production, transfer of technology, and opportunities for extensive long-term business. The Super Viper facilitates a key strategic partnership with the United States and the U.S. Air Force including joint training, logistical and operational concepts.

Also, Lockheed Martin has a proven history of successful partnerships. The F-16 is the fighter of choice for 24 nations with 52 follow-on buys, including successful international licensed manufacturing of 928 aircraft. Lockheed Martin’s worldwide industrial partnership success is unsurpassed by anyone and includes these accomplishments:

  • Establishment of four highly successful international F-16 manufacturing lines
  • Demonstrated ability to transfer advanced technology successfully
  • Over $37 billion in offsets realized by 40 countries
  • Establishment of indigenous international support systems
  • Joint technology development for international markets

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