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F-16 Fighting Falcon

F-16 Mission Missile Configurations

F-16 Rail Stores Loadings Right Wing           Center           Left Wing
Rail ID   9 8 7 7a 6 5R 5 5L 4 3a 3 2 1
Defensive Counterair   AMRAAM AMRAAM Sidewinder   370g Tank       370g Tank   Sidewinder AMRAAM AMRAAM
Interdiction 1   AMRAAM GBU24   370g Tank   LANTIRN   370g Tank   GBU24 AMRAAM
Interdiction 2   Sidewinder AGM65   370g Tank   ECM Pod   370g Tank   AGM65 Sidewinder
Suppress Enemy Air Defense   Sidewinder   Harm   370g Tank   LANTIRN   370g Tank   Harm   Sidewinder

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