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F-16XL Fighting Falcon

Crew size F-16XL-2 two-seat cockpit
F-16XL-1 single-seat aircraft
Length 54.2 ft (16.52 m)
Wingspan 34.3 ft (10.45 m)
height at vertical tail 17.7 ft (5.39 m).
Max. weight 48,000 lb (17,915.60 kg)
  • F-16XL-2 General Electric F110-GE-129 engine (with afterburner) rated at 29,000 lb thrust.
  • F-16XL-1 Pratt and Whitney 100-PW-100 engine (with afterburner), rated at 23,830 lb thrust.
  • Controls Both aircraft featured an analog fly-by-wire electronic flight control system during the laminar flow research. The single-seat aircraft now has a digital flight control system.
    Wing construction The delta (cranked arrow) wings on both aircraft are manufactured of advanced graphite composites to provide strength for high wing loads during flight.
    Design load Baseline F-16XL: 9 "Gs".
    Modified F-16XL: 3 "Gs")
    Maximum Speed F-16XL-2, Mach 2 (approx. 1,400 mph) (2,253 k/hr)
    F-16XL-1, Mach 1.8 (approx. 1,260 mph)
    Range Over 2,500 nautical miles (4,630 k), without in-flight refueling, and unlimited with in-flight refueling

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