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Operation Southern Watch
1998 Events

  • 30 December 1998 -- An SA-6 site near Talil fired 6-8 missiles at Southern Watch aircraft. F-16s retaliated by dropping six GBU-12 laser-guided bombs on the site. They also launched two HARMs "as a preemptive measure" to deter Iraqi radar operators.
  • 16-19 December 1998 -- Following an UNSCOM report detailing continued Iraqi obstruction, the US and Great Britain conducted a four-day aerial bombing campaign, nicknamed Desert Fox. Northern Watch aircraft did not participate.
  • 15 December 1998 -- France suspended participation in this operation
  • 13 November 1998 -- President Clinton ordered air attacks on Iraq but canceled the order the following morning, as planes were in the air, following an Iraqi promise the UN weapons inspectors could resume work.

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