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Operation Iraqi Freedom - April 11
Day Twenty-Three

Widespread looting continued on the streets of Baghdad and Kirkuk. Army and Marine forces began patrols to discourage looting. British forces continued security operations in Basrah and other nearby towns in Southern Iraq.

In Shatrah, in southern Iraq, members of the Free Iraqi Forces (FIF) began security operations, supported by US Army Special Forces. The FIF is the military wing of the Iraqi National Congress, led by Ahmed Chalabi. Chalabi has established his headquarters in Nasiriyah.

In northern Iraq, Iraqi forces fled Mosul following the cease-fire arranged yesterday with the commander of the Iraqi 5th Army Corps. US Special Operations Forces made incursions into the city, and were met with scattered resistance by irregular forces. The Bashur airfield in northern Iraq has received approximately 170 sorties by C-130 and C-17 aircraft, delivering 10 million lbs. of supplies.

In Al Qa'im, in western Iraq, coalition special operations forces continued efforts to secure one of the last bastions of the Hussein regime. Inspections were conducted of various facilities, including a train station, an air defense headquarters, a phosphate plant, a cement factory, and a water treatment plant. Two drone aircraft were reportedly recovered at the phosphate plant.

Coalition special operations forces also entered Al Asad Airfield, capturing 15 fixed-wing aircraft hidden underneath camouflage, apparently undamaged condition.

At a checkpoint in the west, coalition special operations forces stopped a bus with 59 military-aged men traveling west. Among their possessions were letters offering financial rewards for killing American soldiers and 630,000 U.S. dollars in 100-dollar bills. All of them were taken into custody.

In Baghdad, Army fources recovered 5 mobile launchers and 1 Al-Samoud missile. Also, regular flights bearing equipment and humanitarian supplies began arriving at Baghdad International Airport (formerly Saddam International). Though several landings occurred on previous days, coalition spokesmen indicate that regular arrivals of C-130 and C-17 aircraft will become commonplace due to improved security in the area around the airport.

The 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) is securing Karbala and Al Hillah, while elements of the 82nd Airborne Division are searching for holdouts of the Saddam regime in As Samawah, Ar Rumaythah, Ad Diwaniyah.

A B-52 struck two targets in northern Iraq with GBU-12 laser-guided munitions. A Command and Control facility and a radar complex were struck at Al Sahra, northwest of Tikrit. The strike marks the first combat use of the Litening targeting and navegation pod by the B-52.

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