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Combat Training Center (CTC)
Quarterly Bulletin
3d Qtr, FY 95



Chapter 1 - 90 Days to Combat

Battle-Focused Physical Training


Live Fire/Miles Drills

Command Post (CP) Training

Mission/Task Reviews

Chapter 2 - Mission Analysis in OOTW

Common Terminology

Designating Main Effort

Linking Supporting Tasks and Purpose

Chapter 3 - NTC Trends: Individual Soldier Skills

Chapter 4 - NTC OPFOR Update

Chapter 5 - Combat Service Support Rehearsals - A Framework

CSS Rehearsals: Techniques and Procedures


The Secretary of the Army has determined that the publication of this periodical is necessary in the transaction of the public business as required by law of the Department.

Use of funds for printing this publication has been approved by Commander, U. S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, 1985, IAW AR 25-30.

Unless otherwise stated, whenever the masculine or feminine gender is used, both are intended.

This document was prepared by CALL, Ft Leavenworth, KS.

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