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Battle-Focused Physical Training

1. Initiate about 3-6 weeks out.

2. Permit only squad PT, or equivalent (e.g., individual staff elements of a CP, or day/night shift; TOW sections; ammo section of a support platoon).

3. Use centralized PT planning, but always execute PT at squad (or equivalent) level.

4. Wear protective vests, helmets, and LCE/LBV with PT uniform and running shoes; avoid activities on concrete; occasionally require boots for PT.

5. Conduct TWO PT sessions per day.

Session No. 1: varied PT
Session No. 2: squad-on-squad competitive sports or activities
-- runs with or without weapons
-- litter carry
-- buddy carry
-- ammo box carry
-- low crawl
-- zig-zag sprints
-- obstacle course
-- HMMWV push
-- howitzer pull
-- folded tent carry
-- water can carry

6. Begin acclimation and hydration prep at least two weeks out.

*no air conditioning two weeks out
*squad drinks at least a canteen of water per soldier per hour on command of squad leader during training involving physical exertion.
* over drink water in the ISB.

7. Include short road marches (three to five miles) as part of PT. Consider using PT attire with running shoes plus:

*LCE with four canteens of water
* helmet
* protective and ammo vests

Maintain sustained rates of speed according to foot march FM. Focus on every man making it. DO NOT sprint or exceed foot march speeds. Note: Continue light squad PT at the ISB.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - 90 Days to Combat

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