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(CALL adapted this update from Red Thrust, January 1995, published at the NTC.)

* Krasnovia completes fielding of the T-80 tank.

The T-80, with its AT-8/SONGSTER antitank guided missile, provides the OPFOR with a distinct advantage over the T-72. The AT-8 has a MILES range of 4,000 meters. Its effectiveness is becoming a significant factor on the NTC battlefield.
Note: See Red Thrust, January 1995, "Threat Update," p. 15, for more T-80 information.

* The NTC OPFOR continues UMZ integration.

The OPFOR continues to increase the role of minelaying systems. Since its introduction into the inventory, the UMZ has been used only in the defense to lay preplanned mine obstacles. It can also be employed at the last minute to surprise the BLUEFOR, interrupting their maneuver.
Currently the OPFOR is developing techniques to use the UMZ as part of the MOD in the offense. The UMZ will enhance the timeliness of employing protective minefields used to close breaches and cover exposed flanks.
In conjunction with antitank assets, it can become a formidable threat against the BLUEFOR.
Note: See Red Thrust, July 1994, Threat Update and January 1995, p. 23, for more UMZ information.

* TRADOC DCSINT publishes Heavy OPFOR doctrinal manuals.

HQ TRADOC took over the proponency for OPFOR validation and doctrinal development in October 1994. It has prepared three manuals documenting the Heavy OPFOR Model: TRADOC Pamphlets 350-12; 350-14; 350-16. These manuals were effective for the OPFOR in May 1995. Copies have been sent to G2/S2s at corps, division, separate brigade and ACR headquarters.

* BLUEFOR target acquisition teams.

Since rotation 94-12 (September 1994). BLUEFOR combat observation laser teams (COLT) and other acquisition assets continue to avoid OPFOR detection. The use of these teams is growing at the NTC, and their success in staying alive is approaching that of OPFOR reconnaissance.
These teams, often comprised of scouts, ADA and COLTs, can provide the task force commander with a tremendous reconnaissance asset and force multiplier.

* OPFOR Academy classes.

The NTC OPFOR Academy offers classes on OPFOR tactics, organization, and equipment to FORSCOM units. Training is conducted at the academy at Fort Irwin, CA, or through a mobile training team (MTT).
During 1994, the OPFOR leaders course trained over 200 senior NCOs and officers at Fort Irwin, and 1,500 during MTTs at home station. The Leader's Course offers a study of heavy OPFOR tactics at MRR level and below. To request slots or obtain information, contact the academy staff at DSN 470-5502.

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Chapter 5 - Combat Service Support Rehearsals- A Framework

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