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PROBLEM: OOTW tasks are unique, which makes deriving implied and essential tasks even more difficult. The tasks used in OOTW mission statements by higher headquarters, i.e., JTF/Division/Brigade, may not be well understood at lower levels, and, therefore, misinterpreted when units try to derive implied and essential tasks.

EXAMPLE: Use Peace Enforcement as the operation exemplifying the task terminology problems.

Typically, during peace enforcement operations, a unit would be tasked to establish a buffer zone. This specified task may be very clear to the JTF operations officer who wrote the OPORD, but not familiar to most units. As the elements below who must execute the mission attempt to derive implied and essential tasks, the problems begin.

At company/team, platoon and squad level, combat tasks, such as clear, destroy, secure, and breach, are familiar and reasonably well understood.

The task clear, is "a tactical task to remove all enemy forces from a specific location, area, or zone," FM 101-5-1, Operational Terms and Graphics (Final Draft, June 1995). This definition specifies and implies tasks very similar to those implied in the Peace Enforcement task, establish a buffer zone.

The friendly and enemy situations, and the Rules of Engagement in OOTW, will dictate many of the implied and essential tasks in both the OOTW scenario or the combat operations scenario. For example, in a Peace Enforcement operation with establish a buffer zone as one task derived from the mission statement, the primary "tactic" used to accomplish the task may be negotiation, while in a combat operation, the primary tactic used to clear an area might be fire and maneuver.

RESULT: Leaders at lower levels fail to clearly understand the task.

Technique: Whenever possible, use the most widely understood task when writing mission statements for OOTW missions to ensure that lower level units will have a better chance to correctly determine specified, implied and essential tasks.

Table of Contents
Chapter 2 - Mission Analysis in OOTW
Designating Main Effort

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