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Field Ordering Officer and Paying Agent Handbook

Handbook 09-16
July 2009

CALL Handbook 09-16: Field Ordering Officer and Paying Agent Handbook

Inspections, Clearance, and Termination

Chapter 10


Field ordering officers (FOOs) are under the technical supervision of the chief of contracting or a designee.

A physical inspection and review of the activities of each FOO will occur at least once a month. The chief of contracting or a designee ensures this inspection and review occur through a physical examination of purchase documents and records. The chief of contracting can grant exceptions to the monthly timeline based on operational requirements. In such cases, the contracting office will coordinate the frequency of the review.

Photo: FOO Preparing an inspection
Figure 10-1. Preparing an inspection 

The chief of contracting will ensure the inspection or review findings are written and include specific comments as to whether the FOO is: 

  • Operating within the scope and limitations of his authority. 
  • Maintaining the standards of conduct as prescribed in the Joint Ethics Regulation. 
  • Not exceeding funding authorization. 
  • Not delegating authority to others. 
  • Submitting correct and timely information for procurement reporting purposes. 
  • Not making unauthorized or prohibited purchases of items. 
  • Maintaining adequate documentation for each purchase. 

The FOOs, inspectors, or reviewers retain copies of the inspection and review findings for one year in their respective files. 

When an appointing authority finds that a FOO is not properly performing his duties or the FOO fails to take prompt action to correct deficiencies noted in inspections or reviews, the appointing authority must terminate the appointment of the FOO in writing. 

Clearance and Termination

The following situations will cause the termination (relief of duties) of the FOO or paying agent: 

  • Individual changes units. 
  • Individual changes duties. 
  • Individual’s term of appointment expires, or the unit rotates back to home station. 
  • Individual fails to properly perform his duties (this is an adverse termination). 

Upon appointment termination, the FOO must submit to the contracting officer or designee the following: 

  • Copy of appointment letter. 
  • Copies of all reports previously filed. 
  • All records for any period between the last report and the date of termination, including all copies of Standard Form (SF) 44, Purchase Order–Invoice–Voucher; all sales slips or other receipts; and any justifications regarding price or source reasonableness.
  • Copy of Department of the Army (DA) Form 3953, Purchase Request and Commitment. 
  • Any unused SF 44s in his possession (if using issued SF 44 booklet). 
  • A letter of clearance/termination signed by the chief of the contracting office or designee. 

All clearing activities with contracting and financial management (FM) take time, so ensure you plan for it. 

Finally, the chief of contracting will issue a letter terminating the appointment of the FOO or designee, and both the FOO and paying agent will process with FM for final clearing. Do not redeploy without clearing your account. 

The FOO and paying agent must clear their accounts with the local G8 prior to departure. The G8 must have appointment orders/signature cards for FOOs and paying agents prior to funding of DA Form 3953 and must clear the account prior to receiving additional funds. 

See the following table for an illustration of how a paying agent clears his accounts:


  • Obtain memorandum from the battalion commander O-5 or higher stating he has verified all purchases on the SF 44s.

Installation Property Book Office (IPBO):

  • Bring memorandum signed by the battalion commander O-5 or higher.
  • Bring original SF 44s with receipts.
  • Receive memorandum of clearance and IPBO stamp on all SF 44s.
    Note: Make three copies of SF 44s and receipts.

Contracting Office:

  • Bring memorandum signed by battalion commander O-5 or higher.
  • Bring copy of the IPBO memorandum, SF 44s with IPBO stamp, and receipts.
  • Receive contracting clearance memorandum from Contracting Command.

Financial Management:

  • Bring original copy of SF 44s with IPBO stamp and original receipts.
  • Bring original copy of the clearance memorandum from Contracting Command.
  • Receive Statement of Agent Accountability (DD Form 1081).

G8/C8 Comptroller Office:

  • Bring copy of the IPBO memo, SF 44s with IPBO stamp, and receipts.
  • Bring copy of the Contracting Command memorandum.
  • Bring copy of Statement of Agent Accountability (DD Form 1081).

Table 10-1

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