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Field Ordering Officer and Paying Agent Handbook

Handbook 09-16
July 2009

CALL Handbook 09-16: Field Ordering Officer and Paying Agent Handbook

Standard Form 44 (completed sample)

Appendix B

Tip: To save time, pre-fill in entries that will not change before making a purchase; for example, signature blocks, fund codes, unit addresses, finance addresses, etc. 

Figure B-1. Example of SF 44 items that a field ordering officer (FOO) or paying agent can complete before making a purchase

Note: The FOO fills out yellow highlighted areas, and the paying agent fills out green highlighted areas. 

General Reminders 

Do not buy: 

  • Day laborers (FOOs can pay for day labor services that require only a single payment for labor services an existing contract does not cover. The FOO must contact the supporting contracting office to check for existing contracts). 
  • Cellular phones, monthly service charges, or prepaid phone cards; computer hardware and software; and hand-held radios. 
  • Vehicles, either purchase or rental; long-term building leases. 
  • Morale, Welfare, and Recreation equipment or services such as DVDs, satellite dishes, cable TVs, TVs, social events, or other services or tours. 
  • Any rapid fielding initiative item or issued uniform clothing item; any personal demand item. 
  • Gifts, souvenirs, and plaques; coins; or items on the unit’s table of organization and equipment or modification table of organization and equipment. 
  • Ammunition or explosives, weapons, alcohol, tobacco products, or excess baggage. 
  • Construction materials used to build a fixed (“permanent”) site; carpeting. 
  • Class I (food, water, or ice); Class VIII (prescription medical supplies); Class III (bulk) for military vehicles or aircraft. 
  • Travel items (tickets, meals, lodging, rental vehicles, fuel for rental vehicles, tolls, etc.) that otherwise are reimbursable to the traveler. 
  • Split requirements or anything over the purchase dollar limit for each FOO that the contracting officer establishes. 

Do buy: 

  • General office supplies, supply items not available through supply channels, film processing, training aid material, sanitation items. 
  • Small emergency repair for vehicles and fuel for leased/rented vehicles. 
  • Transportation (local bus or taxi fares). 
  • Short-term real estate property leasing for operational purposes. 
  • Power strips, extension cords, fans, printer cartridges, trash bags, and transformers. 

When in doubt, call your contracting officer. 

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