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Field Ordering Officer and Paying Agent Handbook

Handbook 09-16
July 2009

CALL Handbook 09-16: Field Ordering Officer and Paying Agent Handbook

Establishing an Account

Chapter 5

The field ordering officer (FOO) and paying agent must be together when opening a new account. 

At a minimum, the following documents are needed: 

  • Nomination memorandum from a lieutenant colonel (O5) within the chain of command. 
  • FOO appointment orders signed by contracting officer. 
  • Paying agent appointment orders (see financial management [FM] for the requirements of this document). 
  • Department of the Army (DA) Form 3953, Purchase Request and Commitment, with accounting classification approved and signed by the appropriate resource manager. 
  • DA Form 577, Appointment/Termination Record (signature cards for both the FOO and paying agent). 

Protecting Funds Under Field Conditions 

All government funds must be under continuous control in the field. Under no circumstances will the paying agent leave funds unattended and unsecured. The deploying commander must establish and enforce procedures for protecting deployed government funds (e.g., field safe used solely for securing funds). 

Settlement of Account 

After the FOO mission is complete, the paying agent will terminate this account with the accounting and FM company commander. The paying agent will obtain a copy of Department of Defense Form 1081, Statement of Agent Officer’s Account, and show the account reduced to zero. 

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