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Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq

March 2007
Report to Congress
In accordance with the
Department of Defense Appropriations Act 2007
(Section 9010, Public Law 109-289)


Table of Contents


1. Stability and Security in Iraq

    1.1. Political Stability
      1.1.1. Strong Democratic Institutions
      1.1.2. National Reconciliation
      1.1.3. Transnational Issues
      1.1.4. Rule of Law
    1.2. Economic Activity
      1.2.1. Building the Iraqi Economy
      1.2.2. Indicators of Economic Activity
    1.3. The Security Environment
      1.3.1. Overall Assessment of the Security Environment
      1.3.2. Recent Developments in the Security Environment
      1.3.3. The Nature of the Conflict
      1.3.4. Attack Trends and Violence
      1.3.5. Infrastructure Attacks
      1.3.6. Public Perceptions of Security
    1.4. Transferring Security Responsibility
      1.4.1. Progress in Assuming Leadership in Counter-Insurgency Operations
      1.4.2. Process for Implementing Provincial Iraqi Control
      1.4.3. MNF-I Basing Construct
2. Iraqi Security Forces Training and Performance
    2.1. Assessed Capabilities
    2.2. Ministry of Interior
      2.2.1. Ministry of Interior Capacity Development
      2.2.2. Iraqi Police Service
      2.2.3. National Police
      2.2.4. Directorate of Border Enforcement and Directorate of Ports of Entry
      2.2.5. Facilities Protection Service
    2.3. Ministry of Defense
      2.3.1. Ministry of Defense Capacity Development
      2.3.2. Army
      2.3.3. Iraqi National Counter-Terror Capability
      2.3.4. Special Operations Forces
      2.3.5. Navy
      2.3.6. Air Force
Annex A List of Acronyms


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