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China's National Defense in 2004

Information Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China  

December 2004, Beijing   



Chapter I The Security Situation

Chapter II National Defense Policy   

Chapter III Revolution in Military Affairs with Chinese Characteristics

Reducing the PLA by 200,000  

Strengthening the Navy, Air Force and Second Artillery Force  

Speeding Up Informationalization   

Accelerating the Modernization of Weaponry and Equipment 

Implementing the Strategic Project for Talented People    

Intensifying Joint Training 

Deepening Logistical Reforms 

Innovating Political Work   

Governing the Armed Forces Strictly and According to Law   

Chapter IV Defense Expenditure and Defense Assets   

Defense Expenditure   

Military Order Placement and Procurement  

Protection of Defense Assets  

Chapter V The Military Service System     

Administration System for Military Service Work    

Active Service   

Reserve Service 

Enlistment in Peacetime   

Discharge from Active Service and Resettlements  

Chapter VI National Defense Mobilization and Reserve Force Building

Mobilization of National Economy   

Civil Air Defense (CAD)  

Mobilization of Communications for National Defense   

Militia Force Building  

Reserve Force Building  

National Defense Education    

Chapter VII Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense

Main Tasks   

Reform and Adjustment    

Development of Civil Use Industry   

Cooperation with Foreign Countries    

Chapter VIII The Armed Forces and the People  

Supporting the PLA and Giving Preferential Treatment to Families of Servicemen  

and Martyrs, and Supporting the Government and Cherishing the People

Participating in and Supporting National Construction  

Participating in Emergency Rescue and Disaster Relief Operations   

Keeping Discipline in Relation to the Masses  

Chapter IX International Security Cooperation

Strategic Consultation and Dialogue 

Regional Security Cooperation   

Cooperation in Non-Traditional Security Fields 

Participating in UN Peacekeeping Operations 

Military Exchanges 

Chapter X Arms Control, Disarmament and Non- Proliferation

Committed to the Non-Proliferation Efforts  

Promoting the International Arms Control and Disarmament Process 

Fulfiling International Arms Control and Disarmament Obligations  

Participating in Humanitarian Efforts in the Arms Control Field


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