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People's Republic of China
People's Liberation Army Air Force

[While multiple sources, and even Kenneth W. Allen himself, have identified Mr. Allen as the author of this publication, the copy secured from the Defense Intelligence Agency through the Freedom of Information Act redacted the author's name. Though Appendix F's authors were not withheld.]

Defense Intelligence Agency
May 1991




i Preface

ii Table of Contents

iii Abbreviations

1 Introduction

2 History of the PLA Air Force

3 Strategy and Doctrine

4 Headquarters Air Force

5 Headquarters Department

6 Political Department

7 Logistics Department

8 Aeronautical Engineering Department

9 Structure below Headquarters Air Force

10 Military Region Air Force Headquarters

11 Air Corps

12 Command Posts

13 Aviation Troops

14 Air Defense (AAA & SAM) Troops

15 Radar Troops

16 Communications Troops

17 Airborne Troops

18 Logistics Troops

19 Research Institutes

20 Academies and Schools

21 Pilot Training

22 Political System

23 Weapons Development






A Air Force Leaders 1949-1990

B Naval Aviation

C Chinese-Produced Aircraft

D F-8 History

E Second Aviation School 1949-1981

F Chinese Defense Reform: The Air Force as a Case Study

G Aviation Terminology: Chinese to English


[This document was digitized using optical character recognition software and therefore cannot be guaranteed to be one hundred percent accurate
(especially in regards to the Chinese words), Feel free to report errors to]

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