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AAA-- Antiaircraft Artillery

AAM-- Air-to-Air Missile

ADF-- Air Defense Force

AFPRO-- Air Force Plant Representative Office

Bde-- Brigade

Bn-- Battalion

Br-- Branch

Bur-- Bureau

CAAC-- Civil Aviation Administration of China

CCP-- Chinese Communist Party

Col-- Colonel

COSTIND-- Commission for Science, Technology, & Industry for National Defense

CV-- Deputy Commander

Dep-- Deputy

Dept-- Department

Div-- Division

ECCM-- Electronic Counter-Countermeasures

ECM-- Electronic Countermeasures

Flt-- Flight

Gen-- General (3 star)

GLD-- General Logistics Department

Gp-- Group

GPD-- General Political Department

GSD-- General Staff Department

Hq-- Headquarters

HqAF-- Headquarters Air Force

IFF-- Identification Friend or Foe

IFR-- Instrument Flight Rules

KMT-- Chinese Nationalist Party (Kuomintang)

Lt Gen-- Lieutenant General (2 star)

Maint-- Maintenance

MAJCOM-- Major Command

Maj Gen-- Major General (1 star)

Mgt-- Management

Mil-- Military

MND-- Ministry of National Defense

MRAF-- Military Region Air Force

MR-- Military Region

MWR-- Morale, Welfare, and Recreation

NCO-- Non-commissioned Officer

Ofc-- Office

OJT -- On-the-job Training

PLA-- People's Liberation Army

PLAAF-- People's Liberation Army Air Force

Pol-- Political

Q'master-- Quartermaster

Regt-- Regiment

R&D-- Research and Development

RFP-- Request for Proposal

SAM-- Surface-to-air Missiles

Sq-- Squadron

Sr Col-- Senior Colonel

S&T-- Science and Technology

Sta-- Station

STC-- Standard Telegraphic Code

USAF-- U.S. Air Force

USD-- U.S. Dollars

VFR-- Visual Flight Rules


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