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12 September 2003 Military News

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Current Operations

  • Rumsfeld: Al Qaeda 'Under Pressure,' Yet 'Still Dangerous' AFPS 12 Sept 2003-- U.S. and coalition efforts against al Qaeda since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on America have put that terror network under "enormous pressure," DoD's top civilian said here Sept. 10.
  • Soldiers Raid IED Workshop, Iraqis Graduate to Civil Defense Force AFPS 12 Sept 2003-- Soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division's 1-22 Infantry Battalion raided two workshops used to make improvised explosive devices in Tikrit, Iraq, U.S. Central Command officials reported in a Sept. 11 news release.
  • COALITION SUPPORTS NATIONAL IMMUNIZATION DAY CENTCOM Release 12 Sept 2003-- Medical personnel from units attached to the 4th Infantry Division helped Iraqi medical personnel administer vaccines to children during Iraqi National Immunization Day, which is held the 22nd day of each month to vaccinate children and provide supplemental vaccinations to immunized adults against preventive diseases.
  • IRAQ/ATTACKS VOA 12 Sept 2003-- At least eight Iraqi security officers have reportedly been killed and about six wounded by U-S troops near the town of Fallujah, 50 kilometers west of Baghdad.
  • IRAQ/TENSIONS VOA 12 Sept 2003-- In a Sunni Muslim stronghold of former President Saddam Hussein, about 100 kilometers west of Baghdad, U-S troop casualties have climbed in the last few months, making soldiers more suspicious of Iraqis and more vigilant against attacks. A similar distrust is also building on the part of the local population
  • 10 Police Reportedly Killed By U.S. Troops In Shooting Incident RFE/RL 12 Sept 2003-- Local police and witnesses said about 10 Iraqi security personnel were killed and at least five others injured when U.S. soldiers mistakenly opened fire on them. The U.S. military has not confirmed the reports.
  • AUSTRALIA U-S EXERCISE VOA 12 Sept 2003-- Australia is leading a first of its kind maritime exercise in the Coral Sea coast aimed at intercepting shipments of weapons of mass destruction. Defense officials say the drill will involve eight hundred military and law enforcement personnel from Australia, the United States, France and Japan. This team is charged with combating suspected weapons trade between rogue states and terrorists

  • Rocket attacks on ISAF installations NATO/ISAF 12 Sep 2003 -- Two rockets were fired at ISAF bases in Kabul on the evening of 11 September. One rocket hit Camp Warehouse, and the other landed near Camp Julien.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Nimitz, CVW-11 team visit Singapore 7th Fleet News 12 Sept 2003-- Ships from USS Nimitz Strike Group, including the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68) and Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 11, USS Princeton (CG 59) and USS Bridge (AOE 10) began a port visit here Sept. 12.
  • 2ND SQUADRON, 6TH U.S. CAVALRY ACTIVATES AT FORT HOOD III Corps Release 12 Sept 2003-- An Apache helicopter unit that recently inactivated in Europe will be reactivated at Fort Hood's Sadowski Field on Friday (Sept. 12) at 9 a.m.
  • MILITARY INTELLIGENCE DETACHMENT DEMOBILIZES AT FORT HOOD III Corps Release 12 Sept 2003-- Detachment 1, 321st Military Intelligence Battalion, will demobilize in a ceremony at Victory Field at 9 a.m. on Friday (Sept. 12).
  • Latest version of Marine Corps' amphibious fighting vehicles has new name Marine Corps News 12 Sept 2003-- The Marine Corps' newest expeditionary asset is the latest in a series of vehicles that began with the Roebling Alligator in 1932. The new vehicle, formerly known as the Advanced Assault Amphibious Vehicle, was renamed the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle in a ceremony at the Worth Avenue Technology Center in Woodbridge Sept. 10.
  • Removing remnents of war Marine Corps News 12 Sept 2003-- Following the topple of Saddam Hussein's regime, reminders of the war still remain in the forms of burned out vehicles, destroyed weapon systems and toppled buildings inside the city of An Najaf.
  • U-N / LIBYA VOTE VOA 12 Sept 2003-- The United Nations Security Council has lifted sanctions imposed against Libya for a 1988 airliner bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland
  • High Speed Vessel Breaks Record For Speed Navy Newsstand 12 Sept 2003-- High Speed Vessel (HSV) 2 Swift completed the fastest-ever transit of the northern Great Barrier Reef from Cairns to Booby Island Aug. 31.
  • Navy Signs Over Historic Pier, Paves the Road for Midway Museum Navy Newsstand 12 Sept 2003-- In a historic ceremony Sept. 8, Rear Adm. Jose Betancourt, commander, Navy Region Southwest, signed an agreement conveying the more than 60-year-old Navy Pier 11A here to the Port of San Diego.
  • World Trade Center Steel is Shaped into PCU New York Navy Newsstand 12 Sept 2003-- Hot, molten steel splattered in a colorful display of natural fireworks, as the bow stem was recently formed for PCU New York (LPD 21) at a Louisiana foundry.
  • Mechanized company provides armored amphibious punch for 22d MEU Marine Corps News 12 Sept 2003-- There are many ways of reaching a battlefield to unleash fire and brimstone against a dug-in enemy, but the distinctive rumble of a tracked Assault Amphibian Vehicle (AAV) lets the enemy know the Marines are coming.
  • KC-135s stay perfect during 17-day hot streak AFPN 12 Sept 2003-- Really good or just lucky - which describes the 376th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Squadron?
  • No plans to extend Guard, Reserve AFPN 12 Sept 2003-- Air Force officials do not plan to extend the involuntary deployment of Reserve and Air National Guard airmen to Iraq.
  • Exercise Focuses on WMD Traffickers AFPS 12 Sept 2003-- A Japanese-flagged commercial merchant vessel is suspected of carrying items related to weapons of mass destruction. Military and law enforcement assets from Australia, France, Japan and the United States trail the vessel. The Japan coast guard, working with its French, U.S. and Australian law enforcement counterparts, boards the vessel on the high seas and conducts a search.
  • Bush Salutes 3rd ID's Exploits in Iraq AFPS 12 Sept 2003-- The commander in chief met today with 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized) soldiers at their Georgia base, praising them for their performance in the war against global terrorism.

  • The U.S. Government and the International Criminal Court US Dept. of State 12 Sep 2003 -- Lincoln P. Bloomfield, Jr., Assistant Secretary for Political-Military Affairs, Remarks to the Parliamentarians for Global Action, Consultative Assembly of Parliamentarians for the International Criminal Court and the Rule of Law

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

  • DRC: MSF calls for greater humanitarian intervention in northern Katanga IRIN 12 Sep 2003 -- Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) called on Thursday for greater humanitarian intervention in northern Katanga Province of southeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where civilians were still suffering the consequences of armed conflict and untreated diseases.
  • DRC: Seven Uruguayan UN troops under investigation for theft IRIN 12 Sep 2003 -- Seven Uruguayan soldiers of the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUC) are under investigation for allegedly stealing sacred objects from a church in Bunia, the main town in the eastern district of Ituri, UN spokesman Fred Eckard said Thursday in New York.
  • UN/Israel VOA 12 Sept 2003-- The 15 members of the United Nations Security Council have warned Israel not to expel Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat
  • ASIA / ISRAEL ARAFAT VOA 12 Sept 2003-- Many Asian leaders oppose Israel's threat to expel Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.
  • Moscow Says Expelling Arafat Would Be Serious Mistake RFE/RL 12 Sept 2003-- Russia said today any move by Israel to expel Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat would be "a serious mistake with the most negative consequences."
  • Middle East: What Killed The Road Map -- And Whither Mideast Peace Now? RFE/RL 12 Sep 2003 -- Just last spring, there was a new, cautious optimism in the Middle East after the fall of Iraq's Saddam Hussein and the release of a U.S.-backed plan to forge peace between Israel and Palestinians. But in recent days, the so-called "road map" for peace was blown off course as Palestinian-Israeli violence returned with a vengeance.
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 12 Sept 2003-- Palestinians are rallying around their beleaguered leader, Yasser Arafat, who faces possible expulsion by Israel. The decision has already brought on international criticism

  • U-N / LIBERIA VOA 12 Sept 2003-- The top United Nations envoy to Liberia, Jacques Klein, is preparing to ask the Security Council for about 15 thousand troops to help stabilize the troubled West African nation. But he says rebuilding Liberia remains the greatest challenge ahead.
  • LIBERIA: LURD threatens to quit government over jobs row IRIN 12 Sep 2003 -- The Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) rebel movement has threatened to pull out of a broad-based transitional government that is due to take power next month, claiming there are plans to deny it key government posts."
  • Militant alliance backs Geelani in Kashmir IRNA 12 Sep 2003 -- An alliance of militant Kashmiri groups threw their weight behind a breakaway faction of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) in a move seen, as bolstering the position of hawks in the separatist camp.
  • MALAYSIA/ACEH/REFUGEES VOA 12 Sept 2003-- A high-ranking delegation from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees met with Malaysian authorities Friday to persuade the government not to deport more than 150 asylum seekers from Indonesia's conflict-ridden Aceh province
  • TURKEY/KURDS/AMNESTY VOA 12 Sept 2003-- An amnesty for Turkish Kurd rebels enacted by Turkey's parliament in August has largely failed to produce the intended result -- the mass surrender of rebels to the police.
  • SRI LANKA/PEACE VOA 12 Sept 2003-- Tamil Tiger rebels in Sri Lanka have boycotted an international aid donors meeting.
  • IVORY COAST / RECONCILIATION VOA 12 Sept 2003-- The prime minister of Ivory Coast has promised that the key jobs of ministers of defense and security will be filled by the end of the day. This comes the day after tens of thousands of people demonstrated in rebel-held territory for full implementation of the peace accord signed early this year, including the appointment of the ministers
  • BURUNDI / AMBUSH VOA 12 Sept 2003-- Both rebel groups and the military in Burundi are denying responsibility for the ambush and murder of at least 17 people in the northwest part of the country Thursday
  • CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: UN experts help in preparation of reconciliation conference IRIN 12 Sep 2003 -- Fifteen experts from the UN Peace-building Office in the Central African Republic (BONUCA) and other UN agencies have been taking part in preparations for the national conference scheduled to start on Monday.
  • SUDAN: "No time for complacency" - Annan IRIN 12 Sep 2003 -- There is an urgent need for increased donor support to save lives in Sudan, said UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Thursday.
  • BURUNDI: Mozambique, South Africa set condition for full deployment of peacekeepers IRIN 12 Sep 2003 -- Mozambique and South Africa, two of the three countries contributing African Union (AU) peacekeeping troops to Burundi, will only deploy all of their contingents when the number of rebel combatants reporting to cantonment centres increases significantly, South African Defence Minister Patrick Mosiwo Lekota told IRIN on Thursday.
  • CONGO: NGO says amnesty bill an obstacle to reconciliation IRIN 12 Sep 2003 -- A national human rights NGO in the Republic of Congo has said that an amnesty bill for Ninja militants who fought government forces in the Pool region in the south of the country is not sufficiently inclusive and could, therefore, prove an obstacle to genuine national reconciliation.
  • ANGOLA: Repatriations on track - UNHCR IRIN 12 Sep 2003 -- At least 25,000 Angolan refugees have been returned to their home country since the start of the voluntary repatriation programme run by the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

News Reports

  • SHAPE News Morning Update SHAPE 12 Sep 2003 -- 800 troops to join NATO in simulated crisis operation off Scotland / Defying U.S., Germany stands firm on EU defence HQ / Iraq's interim leader tells Turks that UN should decide on peacekeepers / Governing Council member: Iraq needs fast control of its own affairs / Iranian rebels in Iraq "contained" says U.S. military / Russia backs Western call for landmark Kosovo talks
  • SHAPE News Summary & Analysis SHAPE 12 Sep 2003 -- ISAF on alert after rocket attack / Turkey, U.S. discuss measures against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq

  • RWANDA: Kagame takes oath of office, calling for unity IRIN 12 Sep 2003 -- Rwanda's incumbent President Paul Kagame was sworn in on Friday as the country's first democratically elected president since the tiny central African nation gained independence from Belgium in 1962.
  • CENTRAL ASIA: Weekly news wrap IRIN 12 Sep 2003 -- Kazakhstan and Belarus signed an agreement on joining the international North-South transportation corridor on Thursday in Russia's second largest city of St. Petersburg at an international Eurasian conference on transportation. The North-South corridor aims to connect Asian and European countries through the Persian Gulf, Iran, the Caspian Sea, Russia and onwards to Europe. Kazakhstan hosted an international conference of landlocked developing countries in late August focusing on freedom of access to the sea, infrastructure development, efficiency of transport operations and international support measures.
  • Eutelsat Awards Contract For Hot Bird 8 Broadcast Satellite To EADS Astrium EADS 12 Sep 2003 -- Eutelsat and EADS ASTRIUM today announced the signature of a contract for the construction the HOT BIRD 8 broadcast satellite which will be launched in early 2006 by Arianespace on-board an Ariane 5 rocket.

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