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31 January 2000 Military News

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  • U-N AFRICA MONTH WIND-UP Voice of America 31 January 2000 -- Ambassador Holbrooke ended his month as Security Council President by saying his decision to make January the "month of Africa" could be a turning point for the United Nations.
  • ‘MONTH OF AFRICA’ DISPELS IDEA THAT AFRICAN PROBLEMS ARE SECONDARY, UNITED STATES SAYS TO FINAL JANUARY SECURITY COUNCIL MEETING Press Release SC/6796 - 31 January 2000 -- One of the goals of “the month of Africa” in the Security Council in January was to highlight pertinent issues and refute the position that Africa did not matter -- that its problems were secondary to those in other parts of the world, Richard Holbrooke, the representative of the United States, told the Council this morning.
  • DEPUTY SECRETARY-GENERAL SAYS SECURITY COUNCIL HAS ‘SPECTACULARLY REAFFIRMED ITS LONG-STANDING ENGAGEMENT WITH AFRICA’ Press Release DSG/SM/82 SC/6797 - 31 January 2000 -- The Council has since been working hard to finalize a resolution which would enable us at last to deploy the promised 500 military observers and support troops.
  • THE CHECHEN CHRONICLES ’98 BASED ON 1998-1999 MEDIA REPORTS Russian Information Centre [31.01.2000] This review is based on 1998-1999 contributions to periodicals which describe developments in Chechnya in the latter half of 1998. The digest is interspersed with historical digressions on some of the issues.
  • ON THE SITUATION IN THE NORTH CAUCASUS SERGEY V. YASTRZHEMBSKY - RF Acting President assistant for the co-ordination of information and analytical work of the federal bodies of executive authority involved in the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus 31.01.2000 -- As in the previous twenty four hours and the last days, the main events are developing, above all, in Grozny and also in the Argun gorge. In the past twenty four hours, fierce fighting went on for the high-risers surrounding the Chechen capital's Minutka Square. Chechen militants have turned each apartment house into a fortress. The next phase is the complete restoration of the administrative bodies of authority in Chechnya. Neutralising the remains of small bands and search and arrest of terrorists will be a purely militia operation to be undertaken by the Interior Ministry.
  • Free Chechen Republic: Comments 31 January 2000 -- During the past day Russian troops in Grozny took control of several high-rise buildings alone the Gudermessakaya Street. This allows Russian forces to completely control movements of Chechen rebel units from central Grozny to the northern parts of the city. Russian military aircraft flew 110 combat missions in Chechnya during the past day and destroyed 20 rebel strongholds, four reinforced positions in Argun and Vedeno canyons, one mobile communications system, four anti-aircraft artillery systems, two long-term firing positions, seven trucks. According to Lt. Gen. Stanislav Kavun, somewhere between 700 and 1000 rebel fighters still remain in Grozny, while about 5000 fighters operate in the south of the province. Almost every day Russian troops destroy 30-40 Chechen rebels attempting to escape from Grozny. Majority of rebel fighters remaining in the city are believed to be foreign mercenaries.
  • RUSSIA / ALBRIGHT Voice of America 31 January 2000 -- Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has opened three-days of talks in Moscow with a warning that Russia risks international isolation for its brutal war in Chechnya.
  • RUSSIA / CHECHNYA Voice of America 31 January 2000 -- Russian troops say they are making progress in the two-week battle to capture strategic rebel-held Minutka Square near the center of the Chechen capital, Grozny.
  • HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS SAYS REPORT OF EAST TIMOR INQUIRY IMPORTANT STEP AGAINST IMPUNITY 31 January 2000 -- Mrs. Robinson said it was significant that as the report was being released in New York Indonesia's own inquiry panel was making its findings public.
  • State Official Says Indonesia Should Conduct Rights Investigation By Wendy Lubetkin USIA 31 January 2000 -- Assistant Secretary of State Stanley O. Roth says the United States wants to see justice done in the examination of possible human rights abuses in Timor, but believes Indonesia should be allowed to pursue its own investigation.
  • U-N TIMOR INQUIRY REPORT Voice of America 31 January 2000 -- Indonesia's former top military officer, General Wiranto, has been dismissed from the cabinet following release of a United Nations report on widespread violations of human rights in East Timor.
  • WIRANTO FIRED Voice of America 31 January 2000 -- Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid Monday dismissed his country's former top general from his cabinet, following release of an official inquiry that found General Wiranto was involved in human-rights abuses last year in East Timor.
  • INDONESIA - WIRANTO Voice of America 31 January 2000 -- Indonesian human-rights investigators say former Minister of Defense and Armed Forces chief General Wiranto is among six commanders responsible for the bloodshed that erupted in East Timor.
  • U-N / CYPRUS Voice of America 31 January 2000 -- United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan says he hopes a comprehensive settlement on Cyprus can be achieved this year.
  • ISRAEL / LEBANON Voice of America 31 January 2000 -- Hezbollah guerrillas have killed three Israeli soldiers and wounded at least four others in an attack in southern Lebanon. Israeli warplanes are launching raids in retaliation for the attack.
  • U-N CONGO PEACEKEEPERS Voice of America 31 January 2000 -- The United Nations Security Council has ended (Monday) a month-long focus on Africa with renewed calls for a U-N peacekeeping mission in Congo-Kinshasa.
  • BALKANS / STABILITY Voice of America 31 January 2000 -- Government leaders and outside experts have expressed concern about the slow progress in implementing social, economic, and political reforms in the Balkans, as called for last year in a so-called Stability Pact for the region.
  • ALGERIA VIOLENCE Voice of America 31 January 2000 -- A newspaper in Algeria says Islamic militants have killed 11-members of a local militia in the eastern part of the country.
  • SECURITY COUNCIL EXTENDS FORCE IN LEBANON UNTIL 31 JULY, UNANIMOUSLY ADOPTING RESOLUTION 1288 (2000) Press Release SC/6795 - 31 January 2000 -- Adopting Security Council resolution 1288 (2000) unanimously, the Council condemned all acts of violence against the Force and urged the parties to put an end to them.
  • SECURITY COUNCIL EXTENDS GEORGIA OBSERVER MISSION UNTIL 31 JULY, UNANIMOUSLY ADOPTING RESOLUTION 1287 (2000) Press Release SC/6794 - 31 January 2000 -- The Security Council, stressing that the lack of progress towards a comprehensive settlement of the conflict in Abkhazia, Georgia, was unacceptable and concerned by the continued volatility in the conflict zone, extended the mandate of the United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG) until 31 July 2000.

News Reports

  • MOZAMBIQUE / POLITICS Voice of America 31 January 2000 -- Recent news reports have hinted at a possible move by Renamo to set up a breakaway government in the six Northern and Central Provinces where it took a confirmed majority of the votes in December's elections.
  • U-S / MONTENEGRO Voice of America 31 January 2000 -- The United States is providing more aid for democratic reforms in Montenegro, and is vowing to stand by the tiny republic in the event of military action by Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.
  • BRITAIN / PINOCHET Voice of America 31 January 2000 -- A British court has rejected a legal challenge by Belgium and six human-rights organizations in the extradition case of former Chilean leader Augusto Pinochet.

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