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28 October 1999 Military News

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Other Conflicts

  • WAR CRIME CONFERENCE Voice of America 28 October 1999 -- A conference at the U-S Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington is calling for more money to prevent war crimes.
  • BISHOP BELO / WAR CRIMES Voice of America 28 October 1999 -- East Timor's spiritual leader, Bishop Carlos Belo, says that at least three Indonesian generals should face a war crimes tribunal for atrocities committed in the territory.
  • Assistant Secretary of State Roth Briefs on Indonesia/E. Timor Nadine Nigel Leavitt USIA 28 October 1999 -- "It is rather early to give a report card to a new government that is less than a week old," Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and Pacific Affairs Stanley Roth admitted to reporters October 28 regarding the new Indonesian government.
  • Some 23,000 East Timorese return home from neighbouring lands: UNHCR UN News ServiceThursday, October 28, 1999 -- Some 23,000 people have gone home to East Timor since the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) began the repatriation effort on 8 October, the refugee agency said today.
  • RUSSIA / CHECHNYA Voice of America 28 October 1999 -- Russian forces have staged a second day of intensive air raids in Chechnya, and vowed to encircle the capital, Grozny, by early next month.
  • CHECHNYA INFORMATION WAR Voice of America 28 October 1999 -- While the West hears increasingly grim reports about Russia's attacks against civilians in Chechnya, Russians are hearing an entirely different story. Even nominally independent media outlets have joined the government propaganda bandwagon.
  • Text: Johnson Statement Oct. 28 on Chechnya to OSCE Permanent Council USIA 28 October 1999 -- In a statement October 28 to the OSCE's (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) Permanent Council in Vienna, U.S. Ambassador David T. Johnson said Russia's last war in Chechnya (1994-1996) demonstrated that there cannot be a purely military solution to the problems in the North Caucasus, and he called for a vigorous and conscientious effort to engage in a serious political dialogue.
  • ERITREA / FIGHTING Voice of America 28 October 1999 -- Eritrea says its forces are not to blame for starting the recent fighting with Ethiopia.
  • CONGO / U-N Voice of America 28 October 1999 -- In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the deployment of U-N military observers has been delayed due to differences with the government in Kinshasa.
  • Text: U.S. Special Envoy to Sudan Discusses IGAD Peace Process in Egypt USIA 28 October 1999 -- U.S. Special Envoy for Sudan, Harry Johnston, met October 28 in Cairo with Sudanese Ambassador to Egypt Ahmed Abdel Halim Mohamed to discuss issues related to the IGAD peace process, human rights, andhumanitarian relief.

News Reports

  • ARMENIA KILLINGS DESTABILIZING THE CAUCAUSUS Voice of America 28 October 1999 -- As one French journalist put it: "It may not be a complete coincidence that the attempted coup took place just when Strobe Talbott was on a reconciliation mission between Armenia and Azerbaijan."
  • U-S / ARMENIA Voice of America 28 October 1999 -- Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has ordered her Deputy Strobe Talbott back to Armenia to offer U-S support in the wake of Wednesday's deadly hostage drama in the Armenian Parliament.
  • ARMENIA / HOSTAGES Voice of America 28 October 1999 -- Armenian gunmen who killed Prime Minister Vazgen Sarkisian and several prominent lawmakers have released their hostages and surrendered.
  • EGYPT ISLAMISTS ARRESTS Voice of America 28 October 1999 -- Egypt's government has ordered 20 senior members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood movement to be tried by a military court for holding illegal meetings and trying to undermine the government.
  • YEMEN HOSTAGES RELEASED Voice of America 28 October 1999 -- Kidnappers in Yemen have released three American hostages after negotiations with the Yemeni government.
  • Congress Clashes with Administration over Terrorism Victims By Phillip Kurata USIA 28 October 1999 -- Members of the U.S. Senate are sponsoring legislation to force the administration to stop obstructing efforts by victims of state terrorism to receive court-ordered compensation.

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