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15 September 1999 Military News

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  • The situation in East Timor Security Council S/PV.4045 Provisional Fifty-fourth Year, 4045th Meeting Wednesday, 15 September 1999 - The position of Portugal on the tragic situation in East Timor was made abundantly clear to the Security Council last Saturday; so was the firm and unequivocal condemnation by the international community of the crimes perpetrated against the East Timorese people.
  • Text: President Clinton's Sept. 15 Christchurch Press Conference USIA 15 September 1999 -- The United States and New Zealand stand together in their efforts to bring an end of violence to East Timor, says President Clinton.
  • Transcript: Albright September 14 Interview on Lehrer Newshour USIA 15 September 1999 -- The U.S. role in the peacekeeping force being assembled for East Timor will be to do what the United States does best -- logistic support, communication, and strategic lift, according to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.
  • Text: House Resolution 292 on East Timor USIA 15 September 1999 -- The House International Relations Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific passed a resolution September 15, condemning the violent efforts of East Timor militias and elements of the Indonesian military to overturn the results of the August 30 East Timorese vote forindependence.
  • U.S. Presses for Quick UN Security Council Action on East Timor Sept. 14 USIA 15 September 1999 -- The United States is pressing the UN Security Council to speed action on the resolution authorizing an international security force for East Timor.
  • BRAZIL-EAST TIMOR Voice of America 15 September 1999 -- Brazil plans to send a small contingent to participate in the multinational peacekeeping force to restore order in East Timor.
  • INDONESIAN ARMY - FOLLOWING ORDERS Voice of America 15 September 1999 -- When armed militias rampaged in East Timor after the referendum results showed overwhelming support for independence, Indonesian army units stationed in the territory seemed either unable or unwilling to stop the carnage. Were those soldiers and officers rogue army elements who ignored the orders of their superiors?
  • INDONESIA / PROTEST Voice of America 15 September 1999 -- Police in Jakarta have clashed with demonstrators protesting military abuses in East Timor. Bronwyn Curran reports from the Indonesian capital, around two dozen people were injured in the clashes.
  • INDONESIA - ARMYVoice of America 15 September 1999 -- A Singapore newspaper says Indonesia's top military commander may resign his post so he can make a run for the presidency.
  • CLINTON EAST TIMOR UPDATEVoice of America 15 September 1999 -- President Clinton is anticipating the deployment of U-N peacekeepers in East Timor soon.
  • E. TIMOR / AIDVoice of America 15 September 1999 -- Passage of the U-N resolution authorizing an international peacekeeping force for East Timor is expected to help speed aid deliveries to hundreds-of-thousands of internally displaced refugees who are without food and clean water.
  • EAST TIMOR / SITREPVoice of America 15 September 1999 -- United Nations officials in the East Timorese capital, Dili, say pro-Indonesia militias appear to be preparing to withdraw from the city. The preparations by the militias come as the Security Council in New York has reached agreement authorizing a peacekeeping mission to East Timor.
  • CLINTON - EAST TIMORVoice of America 15 September 1999 -- President Clinton is stepping up his call to Indonesia to stop the violence in East Timor and allow crucial humanitarian assistance to be distributed to those in need.
  • INDONESIA REFUGEESVoice of America 15 September 1999 -- Many East Timorese are living in a constant state of fear as rumors that members of pro-Indonesian militia groups - believed to be responsible for the recent violence - have gone to Jakarta to look for pro-independence supporters. This is a report about one activist, who has moved four times since arriving in Jakarta just over a week ago.
  • Q&A: EAST TIMOR / PEACEKEEPERSVoice of America 15 September 1999 -- Australian troops leading the peacekeeping mission are getting ready to go into East Timor from the northern Australian city of Darwin. Australian Broadcasting Corporation reporter Anne Barker answers questions about the preparations in Darwin.
  • U-N - TIMOR RESOLUTIONVoice of America 15 September 1999 -- Australia says it has been asked to lead a multi-national security force in East Timor. The announcement comes as the United Nations Security Council prepares to formally authorize deployment of the force.
  • U-N TIMOR RESOLUTION APPROVEDVoice of America 15 September 1999 -- The United Nations Security Council has (Wednesday) authorized deployment of a multi-national force in East Timor. The Australian-led force will attempt to end a wave of violence in the territory.
  • RESOLUTION 1264 (1999) Adopted by the Security Council at its 4045th meeting on 15 September 1999 -- Authorizes the establishment of a multinational force under a unified command structure, pursuant to the request of the Government of Indonesia conveyed to the Secretary-General on 12 September 1999, with the following tasks: to restore peace and security in East Timor, to protect and support UNAMET in carrying out its tasks and, within force capabilities, to facilitate humanitarian assistance operations.
  • WFP READYING NEW AIR DROP TECHNOLOGY FOR EAST TIMOR 15 September 1999 - The United Nations World Food Programme today announced it is preparing to air drop emergency food into East Timor, using for the first time the innovative "snow drop" technology that will deliver food safely and efficiently to the tens of thousands of desperately hungry people hiding in the mountains.
  • RUSSIA / CAUCASUS Voice of America 15 September 1999 -- Russian security authorities have launched a massive manhunt for the people responsible for bombings at two Moscow apartment buildings that killed more than 200 people. A tough new anti-terrorist campaign will be extended into Russia's troubled Caucasus region.
  • ANGOLA SITREP Voice of America 15 September 1999 -- United Nations officials in Angola say the humanitarian situation in the war-torn country remains critical. The release of four South Africans held in an Angolan jail for 20 months on charges of aiding the rebel movement UNITA.
  • ECUADOR HOSTAGESVoice of America 15 September 1999 -- Military troops from Ecuador and Colombia continue combing Ecuador's northeast Amazon region for 12 foreigners abducted on Saturday. Commander of Colombia's Military Forces, General Fernando Tapias (TAH pyahs) says that everything points to it as a kidnapping by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or FARC.
  • U.S. Department of State Daily Press Briefing 15 September 1999 - We have made no decisions on what and whether to ask Congress for more assistance for Colombia. We have been undergoing a comprehensive policy review, to ensure that we develop the most effective strategy to deal with the myriad problems Colombia faces: not only the drug problem, but the crime problem, the economic problems and the human rights violations.
  • Cohen Offers U.S. Help to Combat Terrorism By Linda D. Kozaryn American Forces Press Service 15 September 1999 -- Hours after a bomb blast destroyed an eight-story apartment complex here Sept. 13, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen publicly condemned the attack and offered U.S. help.

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