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Naval Mobile Construction Battalion TWENTY-EIGHT
"The Old Pros"

Naval Mobile Construction Battalion TWENTY-EIGHT (NMCB 28) is a component of the Naval Construction Force (NCF), and provides construction and maintenance support to United States Marine Corps (USMC), Naval Forces and other military units. To provide disaster control effort, provide forces for Civic Action support. Provide military and amphibious assault construction support. Subsequent combat service support ashore and defense against overt or clandestine enemy attacks directed toward personnel, camps, and facilities under construction.

The original Mobile Construction Battalion 28 (MCB) was activated during World War II. MCB 28 was at La Havre Harbor, France right after D-Day for the reconstruction of harbor after it was destroyed by retreating Wehrmacht Armies. In the aftermath of the war, the battalion was recommissioned as a reserve battalion and was homeported in the Northwest region of the United States. Some time in the 1950's after Korea, the Battalion was decommissioned. In 1962 the Battalion was reconstituted as RNMCB 28, one of six commissioned at Port Hueneme, California. RNMCB 28 was awarded best of type in the six week recommissioning training. At this time RNMCB 28 Area of Operational Responsibility was the northwest US. Following the 1968 call up of Reserve Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 22 to Vietnam, the southeastern United States battalion area of responsibility was divided and filled in with RNMCB 28. It's area of coverage were Seabees in Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

The headquarters of RNMCB 28 moved around several times in it's early years as a southern battalion. The initial location was the Naval Ammunition Depot McAlester, Oklahoma, then located at Construction Battalion Center Gulfport, Mississippi, and finally to its current location at Barksdale Air Force Base, Shreveport, Louisiana. Ground breaking for the current location at 5731 Range Road was held in September 1978.

From its humble beginnings on 10 acres of wetland, which was used by the Army Air Force during World War II as a bombing range, RNMCB 28 "bootstrapped" its headquarters out of the muck to encompass 10 harden structures within a secured fence line. The entire facility was constructed by its own labor from 1978 to 1980. It has been consistently selected as one of the best Readiness Support Site (RSS) in the Naval Construction Force (NCF).

Today, NMCB 28 consists of one of the largest geographic coverage areas in the United States consisting of over 500 Seabees from the seven states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. NMCB 28 and her sister battalions NMCB 15, NMCB 22 and NMCB 25 are part of the Ninth Naval Construction Regiment (NCR), headquartered at Joint Reserve Base, Fort Worth, Texas; formerly Carswell Air Force Base. The Ninth NCR in turn reports to the Third Naval Construction Brigade (NCB), Construction Battalion Center, Port Hueneme, California. Third Naval Construction Brigade Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii commands the Pacific wide Seabee Theater.

Over the years NMCB 28 has provided mobilization training and contributory construction support in Europe, the Atlantic realm and the Pacific rim, including Iceland, Spain, Panama, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Guam, Greece, Japan, Okinawa, and Adak, Alaska. In Stateside construction support "The Old Pros" have left their mark at Kilauea Military Camp, Barbers Point, Hawaii, Camp Pendleton, California, Alaska, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana, and various Arkansas locations. NMCB 28 has earned the nickname "The Old Pros" for carrying on the proud Seabee tradition of "Can Do" and navy professionalism over a long period of time. In 1993 NMCB was awarded Best of Type in the Third NCB.

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