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9th Naval Construction Regiment [Reserve]

The mission of the Ninth Naval Construction Regiment is to provide and maintain a trained, ready and immediately available organized reserve force capable of satisfying the mobilization requirements set forth by higher authority.

Upon mobilization, the Ninth NCR's mission involves rapid and effective construction support and ground defense operations to the Navy, Marines Corps, and other forces as directed. Public works functions as directed and continuance of an operational readiness condition that will permit the Ninth NCR and its attached battalions to be organizationally redeployed within a minimal time as may be directed by higher authority.

The Ninth Naval Construction Regiment was first commissioned in World War II on Attu Island, Alaska on 8 July 1943. The U.S. Army retook the island from the Japanese with a landing on 11 May 1943. The first Seabees came ashore on 21 May. When the Ninth NCR arrived on 29 July, they took charge of the 22nd, 23rd, 66th, 68th Naval Construction Battions, and 8th Special Battalion. Construction included accommodations for 7650 men; storage for all materials, fuel, and ordnance; seaplane and landplane-landing areas; hangars and repair shops; small-craft and submarine piers; dry dock and repair shops; a radio station and maintenance shops.

The Ninth Naval Construction Regiment was re-commissioned as the Ninth Reserve Naval Construction Regiment on 1 July 1969 at Dallas, Texas as a field command under the First Reserve Naval Construction Brigade, within the Reserve Naval Construction Force Program. The Ninth Reserve Naval Construction Regiment was re-designated the Ninth Naval Construction Regiment (NCR) in June 1991.

The Ninth NCR's subordinate commands are Naval Construction Battalions Fifteen, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Five, Twenty-Eight and four active duty Battalion Augment Units.

The Ninth NCR was originally stationed at Naval Air Station Dallas, Texas. With the closure of Naval Air Station Dallas under BRAC 93, the Ninth was relocated to Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, Texas in April 1997. With the alignment of reserve components under fleet units in 1992, the Ninth's reporting senior changed to Commander, Third naval Construction Brigade, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The Chief of Civil Engineers is the program sponsor of the Ninth NCR.

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