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Battle Group Nomenclature

Currently, battlegroup nomenclature is derived from the name of the aircraft carrier.

  • ALBG Abraham Lincoln Battle Group
  • CBG Constellation Battle Group
  • CONBATGRU Constellation Battle Group
  • ENTBATGRU Enterprise Battle Group
  • IKEBATGRU Eisenhower Battle Group
  • TRBATGRU Theodore Roosevelt Battle Group

During the mid-1980s the Pacific Fleet began using phonetic alphabet designators for carrier battle groups deployed to the Western Pacific [WESTPAC] with Seventh Fleet.

  • Battle Group Alfa - The 1987 [1985?] Western Pacific deployment of the Battle Group included USS MIDWAY (CV-41), USS REEVES (CG-24), USS SAN JOSE (AFS-7), USNS MISPILLION (T-AO-105), USS OLDENDORF (DD-972), USS KANSAS CITY (AOR-3) USNS KILAUEA (T-AE-26), USS ENGLAND (CG-22), USS TOWERS (DDG-9), USS KIRK (FF-1087), USS KNOX (FF-1052), and USS COCHRANE (DDG-21).
  • Battle Group Bravo - In 1983, along with with Carrier Air Wing NINE (CVW-9), Kitty Hawk deployed as the flagship for Battle Group Bravo in the Western Pacific. Kitty Hawk logged over 62,000 miles on this deployment and remained on station in the North Arabian Sea for more than 60 consecutive days. The ship returned to San Diego on Aug. 1, 1984. In July 1985, Kitty Hawk and CVW-9 deployed again as flagship for Battle Group Bravo.
  • Battle Group Charlie - Led by the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS CARL VINSON (CVN-70), Battle Group Charlie was operating in the Indian Ocean in December 1986.
  • Battle Group Delta - Led by the aircraft carrier USS CONSTELLATION (CV-64), the ships of Battle Group Delta were underway in December 1988.
  • Battle Group Echo -- The 1987 COMCARGRU 1 / Battle Group Echo deployment to the Arabian Sea included USS RANGER (CV-61), USS MISSOURI (BB-63); USNS HASSAYAMPA (T-AO-145), USS LEFTWICH (DD-984), USS HOEL (DDG-13); USS KANSAS CITY (AOR-3), USS BUNKER HILL (CG-52), USS ROBERT E. PEARY (FF-1073); USS LONG BEACH (CGN-9), USS WICHITA (AOR-1) , USS GRIDLEY (CG-21), USS CURTS (FFG-38); USS SHASTA (AE-33), USS JOHN YOUNG (DD-973) and USS BUCHANAN (DDG-14).
  • Battle Group Foxtrot - Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Group Three served as commander of Battle Group Foxtrot. In the late 1980s the Battle Group Foxtrot World Cruise was led by USS ENTERPRISE (CVN 65). In June 1991 it included carrier USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN-72), the guided missile frigate USS INGRAHAM (FFG-61), the guided missile frigate USS GARY (FFG-51), the destroyer USS MERRILL (DD-976), the replenishment oiler USS ROANOKE (AOR-7), the nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser USS LONG BEACH (CGN-9) and the guided missile cruiser USS LAKE CHAMPLAIN (CG-57). The WestPac `93 Battle Group Foxtrot deployment included the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN-72), the fleet oiler USS WILLAMETTE (AO-180), the nuclear-powered attack submarine USS PASADENA (SSN-752), the guided missile cruiser USS PRINCETON (CG-59), the guided missile cruiser USS FOX (CG-330, and the guided missile frigate USS INGRAHAM (FFG-61).

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