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Naval Mobile Construction Battalion FIFTEEN
"Bat out of Hell"

NMCB-15's mission is to provide rapid contingency construction support for operational forces during regional contingencies, large or small. We support disaster recovery and humanitarian operations foreign or domestic when directed.

Commissioned during WWII, NMCB-15 was part of the island-hopping campaign of American forces in the Pacific. Seabees cleared beaches, built air strips, and established logistical installations on several significant islands.

Legend has it that a Marine commander in the Pacific praised the battalion's hard work by observing that the Seabees were "going like a bat out of hell." The comment soon became 15's motto.

The bat logo was developed after the war. Another story says that the child of a unit member drew the first prototype.

Members of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 15, Air Detachment, based in Kansas City, Mo, helped install a 1.3-megawatt generator at the Kish Water Lift Station, in Kish, Iraq, that provides water to about 50,000 hectares of farmland in the area. The last piece of the irrigation system was replaced on August 15, 2003.

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