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Naval Mobile Construction Battalion TWENTY-SIX
"Packs A Punch"

Naval Mobile Construction Battalion TWENTY-SIX traces its roots to the battalions of World War II. Originally commissioned as Mobile Construction Battalion 26 on 8 August 1942, this command actively participated in several major operations in support of advance base groups in the Pacific during W.W.II.

When MCB-26 was established in 1942 at Camp Allen, Norfolk, Virginia, the men were sent for advanced combat training at Camp Bradford, Little Creek, Virginia and Gulfport, Mississippi. The battalion embarked for the war in the Pacific from Camp Rousseau, Port Hueneme, California in late June 1942. MCB-26 had supported the Marines on Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, on Tulagi and on the British Solomon Islands by the end of December 1942. Part of MCB-26 also saw action on Munda, Malasta and Nugre in the southwest Pacific in support of advance base groups for the duration of the war. The main body of the battalion was transferred to the Aleutian Islands where it maintained an advance base until the war's end. Mobile Construction Battalion TWENTY-SIX was deactivated in 1946.

Reserve Mobile Construction Battalion TWENTY-SIX was reactivated and reorganized as an element of the Selected Reserve for operations in Vietnam in 1962. Headquarters were established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. On 1 July 1968, RNMCB-26 was combined with the Illinois, Indiana and Michigan detachments of RNMCB-27, which had been reactivated along with RNMCB-26.

Since 1968, RNMCB-26 has been headquartered at various times at Naval Recruiting Command, Chicago, Illinois; Naval Air Station, Glenview, Illinois; Fort Custer, Michigan, Grand Rapids, Michigan; Naval Air Facility Detroit, Michigan and is presently located at Selfridge Air national Guard Base, Mount Clemens, Michigan. RNMCB-26 was commissioned as a regular navy unit in 1992.

Naval Mobile Construction Battalion TWENTY-SIX is currently composed of fifteen detachments in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois with over 750 personnel, both active and reserve. The battalion provides the U.S. Atlantic Fleet with construction support capabilities and undertakes projects in support of the fleet on a year-round basis.

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