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Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Teams - Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

  • OSHA Level "A" through "C" protective clothing with self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), closed-circuit breathing apparatus (Rebreather), or air purifying respirators (APR)
  • Personal Decontamination Kits.

Reconnaissance, Detection, Sampling Gear

  • Digital Still and Video Camera
  • Commercial multi-gas monitor with Photo-Ionization Detector, Oxygen, LEL, and Toxic vapor sensors
  • Improved Chemical Agent Monitor (ICAM) - point-detection of Nerve and Blister Agents
  • M-22 Chemical Agent Detector and Alarm (ACADA)- remote detector of Nerve and Blister Agents
  • M-8 Paper; M-9 Paper - detection of Nerve and Blister Agents in liquid
  • M-256 Kit - "wet chemistry" detection of Nerve, Blister, Blood Agents
  • Portable Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer- identification of over 150,000 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and most military chemical agent vapors
  • AN/UDR-13, AN/VDR-2, AN/UDR-77 Radiac Sets, Gamma Spectrometer - detection and measurement of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-Ray radiation sources
  • Handheld Immunoassay tickets - presumptive identification of eight Biological Agents
  • Colorimetric Tubes and Draeger colorimetric "Chip Set" - detection of Toxic Industrial Chemicals
  • Sampling equipment with a capability for collecting viable liquid, powder and other samples in a wide variety of matrixes with a secure chain of custody.

Computer Modeling and Response Database Systems

  • Consequence Assessment Tool Set Joint Assessment of Catastrophic Events (CATS-JACE) - GIS-based hazard plume modeling.
  • Hazard Prediction and Assessment Capability (HPAC) - simulate effects of customized NBC/R weapons.

Unified Command Suite (UCS) - Communications Van

  • 15 kW power supply and environmental control unit
  • KU-Band SATCOM - wide-bandwidth for data and voice reach back; secure capable
  • INMARSAT-B - portable data and voice SATCOM
  • Motorola VHF/UHF AM/FM Transceiver - intra-team communications and Responder Communications.
  • Military VHF/UHF/UHF SATCOM Radios
  • Multilane Scanner
  • Team Radios - Motorola XTS-3000
  • Cellular Telephone and Local Area Network for Laptop Computers.

Analytical Laboratory System (ALS)

  • 6 kW power supply and bench workspace
  • Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer with Headspace Sampler - identification of over 150,000 Volatile organic compounds and most chemical warfare agents, from solid, liquid, or vapor samples
  • Handheld Immunoassay Tickets - presumptive detection of select Biological Agents
  • Gamma Spectrometer - radioisotope Identification
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) analysis - allows DNA identification of biological organisms
  • Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectrometer - quick analysis of chemical makeup of substances
  • HAZCAT and HEINZ 5-STEP hazard categorization kits - allow chemical reactivity - based identification of chemicals by hazard class.

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